Thursday, October 20, 2005

tonights ride...

This is a picture of our dog Tanners project destruction of stuffed animal, thrown up stuffing. I had the pleasure of waking up to it. Thought I would share, cause I am just in the sharing mood. enjoy.
Well I have heard that a bunch of fixed riders get together for a ride every thursday night ride around the city at a moderate speed and do some drinking along the way. Sounds like a good time or a recipe for disaster. Well I finally have a thursday night off so here I go. Story to follow tommarrow. That is if I am conherent enough to post. I do have to work early 10 am so I will be smart. No need to worry mom. Ha ha. She is my number 1 fan. I think. ha ha. Much laughing here today.
In other news Saturday Elysian Brewery is having a pumpkin beer festival, a must in my mind. they are actually filling a pumpkin with beer and serving cask beer out of it. In my mind a must try if not just for the experience alone. I am not a huge flavored beer person, read I like IPA's, Stouts and the such, but how often would one get the chance to try all kind of different pumpkin ales in one place. Some examples being a Pumpkin Stout, a Pumkin lager, and on and on and on. Elysian themselves brewed 6 different beers for the occasion. Rumor has it the idea was hatched after a few beers one night, among brewers that could mean anything. So after that I am heading to see Calexico. Heard about these from my friend mark and think they are great. Oh yeah all day on Saturday I have to work at the Big Time during a local football game, gag. But the money should be good. The weather is supposed to hold out so I am planing on going riding in the mountains on Sunday. I am going to see if I can talk Sloane in to it.
I have been comuting still, we are readying one of the cars to sell, since we really only need one. I have been lengthening my rides to and from work to increase my endurance slowly, exploring the city and all it has to offer. I have a theory that Seattle isnt really a city, in the true sense of city, and it has been confirmed by most of the people that I talk to here. So I am looking forward to my ride this evening, with like minded individuals

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