Tuesday, October 25, 2005

not raining

Well it is supposed to rain,or it was forcasted yet it is not happening. Yesterday I rode around the south side of Lake Washington. Not nearly as hilly as the north side of the lake. I rode with my friend Chris from work, he is obsessed with going as fast as possible. He would be even faster if he didnt smoke. What is it with fixed riders and smoking, I see it more than I care to admit. What is the attraction, not about the fitness but the asetetics. Yes I can t spell, never has been one of my strong points. So I put in about 50 miles yesterday, feel alright today, I never prepare right for these rides, I always forget to drink enough water, dont bring something to eat. You would think after all this time I would have it down, well on the mountain bike I always bring more food than necessary, but on the road I seem to forget these details. Details, Details, it is all about the details, they get you through the tough times. So I found some interesting Mountain bike sites, yes this post will be cycling related, directly. I have to get together with these guys, one of them is a singlespeeder who looks like he is in to the same things that I am. If you remember the ride Sloane and I went on in Captial Forest where we were mostly on motorcycle trails, well the above riders obviously know where the goods are, and they like to ride long distances, hunt around they have done some epics. So I emailed Monkey Mike Wellborn, to see when he plans to ride agian. Connections, trying to make as many as I can, that is the goal at least. Seeking out those with the most information and learning what I can. I am trying to figure out next year, what to do, fixed gear road rides/races, mountain rides/races, both, well I will start to figure it out here soon, got to get in to a routine though, I have just been hanging, waiting to get healthy for so long I am confused and not willing to be that way again so I am easing back in to everything. Ramble, babble thanks for listening.

Dejay Birtch took the overall at the Soul Ride. that rocks, power to those on the one gear front.

On the way home last night I came across the coolest bike, it had 36 inch wheels, I wish I had my camera with me so that I could have a picture for yawl to look at. From a distance I thought 29er so I was gonna talk to him no matter what, but then I rolled up on him and was like damn those are crazy, i gonna find out where he got it, he got it from a friend and didnt know where it was from. I gotta know. So I rode it around a bit, it was so cool, gearing, how do you gear for those big hoops. Well hopefully I will have a picture here soon. time to eat and go to work.

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