Sunday, October 16, 2005

riding in the rain

so now that I have some diy fenders it is not so bad. that and the fassbinder raingear and I am raging along for hours of fun. just have to find a shoe cover that works. pictures will be here soon. ideas many ideas. I am planning on taking a sewing class here soon so that I can begin to make my own clothing for both on and off the bike. I would really like to make clothing that can do both, and is still stylish and comfortable, that is a ways off though at first I would just like to learn how to sew.
Jason Walker was here we had fun, hope he is enjoying his weekend off.

casual observation, when one works in the service industry where your nights at work are very much like nights out, when you have a night off, you dont really feel like going out. jsut an observation.

Sunday will be spent reading. maybe a small ride, but that is doughtful. Probably tommarrow. keep the rubber side down.


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Kent Peterson said...

Hey Nat,

Just thought I'd leave a real comment. You'll get to like riding in the rain, I bet.

I think you'll have to go the route that other sites have and turn on some of the blogger security features to blog some of those fake comment spam things that show up.

Keep 'em rolling,


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