Monday, October 03, 2005

connections, thoughts from a new land....

So here I am sitting, talking, emailing and doing all those things that I need to catch up on and wondering about connections and staying in contact with all those people that I have a connection with. Wondering what my old friends and family at the Lone Eagle are doing, yes it was a dysfunctional family, but it was my dysfunctional family. I learned so much from them and they got to watch me grow from a boy in to a man or at least a more mature boy. So Seattle is new and I am forming a new family, as we get older the world seems smaller, we run in to more people that think similarly and they know people that we knew, it just seems like home here in seattle already. I ran in to a guy the other day who prints tee shirts in his garage, asked questions and there you have it we are going to get together to make some shirts and stickers. Check out his art work here. he is not much of a cyclist and more of a skater, snowboarder, well I did both of those for years, he prints a zine etc. Cool guy. Seattle has so much to offer, it has a very small town feel in a big city enviroment, it doesnt really feel like a city. Except it has sooooo much to offer in the way of music, arts, community. Every area has all it needs, i.e. every area is its own self contained community. So far I like it here.

Another topic that has been on my mind as of late is sustainability, it seems to be a catch phrase for all things that emcompass a new way of thinking, about life, about community about the ways we live. About the footprint and the legacy that we as humans leave here on the planet. Recycling is good, but re usealble products are better. Bamboo, hemp and organic products that dont exploit the world. Do we really need all the choices that we have, good in one way bad in another. I hope I am making sense, this is after all a work in progress, this blog, this life. Think about limiting waste, about how much trash we produce and other ways we could handle it. I read an interesting fact the other day, for the first time since the gas crisis of 1973 bike sales outsold new car sales. which rocks, people are starting to see that life can be different. of course I cant find the web site again, but when I do I will site it so yall can see it. Other catch phrases that I have heard are fair trade, which means to me that the laborer and the product are not exploited in other countries, they are paid a fair market value for their goods. along with sustainable is the idea of consumerism or over consuming, do we really need all the shit that we seem to collect, simply put live simple. Easier said than done. but the seed the thought is a good place to start. So there will be more on this as i get more info and such. Think biodiesel, think vegatable oil, we could live differently, cars can run on hemp oil, bamboo, etc. it does exist and things can be different. Clothing, food, everything can be different. Check out this site. Dont think SUV and think SUB.

If you all ever get to Seattle and want to enjoy some great beer check out these places. Big Time Brewery, where I work, Elysian, and Maritime. They all get my seal of approval. Two of the ales at the big time just won awards at the Great American Beer festival. off i go. pedal pedal.

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