Monday, April 25, 2011

If it taint raining it taint training!

Today I went for a ride, it was one of the wettest rides I have been on in a while...Good Taint Training. I'm used to wet trails and mud, but flowing water down the trials, and pissing rain the entire time, Not that misty kind of rain, that steady bone soaking, pouring rain. Thanks James for not calling me and canceling, my feet have finally thawed after a few hours and a few beers.

The Taint Tuff, a celebration of a few of our birthdays that fall in late April or early May, is just a few days away. Its a way for me to get folks together who all enjoy a little discomfort and celebrate. I have been asked why I do so much for a birthday, and its not much about celebrating me or my or our birthdays, as it is a way for me to bring people together for some fun and pain and suffering. Its a way for us to all get together, cause all too often life takes over and years start to fly by. This is my way of asking my friends to save a day for us to get out and enjoy. Nuff said and probably in my usual rambling. I hope in the future more and more of my friends take the time to join me on these rides...I have more ideas believe it or not. For those of you that rode it last year expect about the same as far as the course/route, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. A week and a half ago we did the arduous climb up sick joke to place the bottle of Bulliet. I forgot just how fun that climb is. Kevin is placing a beer drop or two.

I got this photo, from Greg of Donkelope,of some flask cages being welded just for the occasion...They fit those great Stanley flasks that we all got from SSCXWC last year. Cleavland is getting his camera ready. Randy is still building a bike. Sally will be missed, alas he will be in NYC for work, Matt from Schooner Exact Brewing says that he has something special for us. So remember if it Taint Raining it Taint Training!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is important....

The other day this landed in my inbox. Needless to say it was a bit upsetting. I love riding Galbraith Mountain and think that it would really have a negative effect on the community and tourism is the agreement were terminated. I don't think that it will necessarily stop people from using the mountain, unless they start patrolling it, and actually take the time to arrest and prosecute someone for trespassing. That said it will take away from the experience and the ability for it to grow responsibly. Preserve Galbraith is a website and a facebook page that all of us should be a part of. Looks like someone has taken the reigns and is making a community voice for mountain bikers, trail runners and who ever else is interested in preserving this great resource. Please take time to check em out.

The Taint Tuff is just around the corner...look for photos and video evidence of the going ons in the near future. I am hoping that the weather breaks here in the Northwest and we get some descent weather, or at least the barometer is over 50, sun would be nice haven't really seen too much of that here in the last for however if its overcast and not raining I feel like its a good day.

Last weekend was the first weekend that I didn't mountain bike all year, why you ask, I've got a nagging rotor cuff that I wanted to see if a little rest would help it did a little but I am no good at resting, had to hike, which gets you outside, but is in no way a substitute for riding...good news is the shoulder seems to be responding to the ice and heat and the funny strengthening exercises I am doing...feels ok on the bike, just not so good at work, which I don't have the option of not doing....alas, I will heal and all will be well. It will not keep me from the Taint Tuff, that is a must.