Sunday, February 27, 2005

drag race

This is some amazing footage, bike handling skills galore. It takes a couple minuetes to download, but if you like watching messangers race through the streets of NYC this is worth the wait. It is filmed from a helmet cam so you get a real perspective of what it is all about. here is the link It is awsome. Out

the last couple daze

Daze, that is exactly what it has been for me. I had planned to complete a larger ride on Thursday, but woke up in a haze, utterly exhausted. After 6 nights of work in a row, and not a one of them even close to being easy, I was at the end of my mental rope. It was ski and skate week where all the schools in California have vacations, so they all migrate from the city to the lake so it is a virtual myriad of SUV's and children everywhere. I swear people leave their brains and manners at home when they go on vacation, I hope to not be guilty of this myself, please help me if I do. So needless to say I was a wreak, so I did a few errands on the fixie seeing if the mood would strike and it definatly did not. So I had good conversations with my girlfriend over the phone while I enjoyed lunch and a mid afternoon beer. That night I picked up my Ritchey wool trainer and my breakaway frame set, I was able to unbox it and put it together in under 30 mins, if I,the not so mechanically inclined soul, can do this it must be easy. That night I enjoyed a movie, riding giants, about the history of big wave surfing and went to bed. What a day.
The next day I did what was supposed to be an easy ride, my friend Scott Fifield calls all his rides easy and he proceeds to drop the hammer. Which he did, so me on my fixie spinning like mad or grinding up a steep slope, 2 1/2 hours of fun. My legs were a little sore so on the communte to work I gave my legs a little self massage, and boy did it work wonders. Work was not that bad, but I did have the slowest section and was on my way home at a decsent hour. I hoped to be feeling better the next day becasue I wanted a 4 hr ride to be part of the day.
Saturday woke up and was ready to rock. My legs felt great and off we went in to the overcast day. We did a bunch of climbing on our way to Gieger Grade, one of the local training climbs. Geiger Grade is approx 7 miles and 1400 ft of climbing, steeper at the ends than in the middle. I was feeling good so I hit it pretty hard and completed it in 37 min, not earth shattering fast, supposedly Greg Lemond did it in 27 mins in his prime, and the fastest roadies here hit it in about 33 or 34 mins, but for this time of year I was happy. It started to get cold but we forged on and did the Lousetown? loop that ends with a short steep climb that I have named the peanut butter climb, because my legs always feel like peanut butter when I climb it, it was also in the shade so it was really cold. Then down and home, barely making it home in time to shower and head back out the door to work. OH boy. We got pretty slammed at work and I was ready for it to be over at about 7 but no dice, I was on my way home at 11:15, not too bad for a saturday. I thought my legs would be shattered today, but I think I will put in a hour today to spin the legs out, nothing more. All in all it has been action packed. My next day off work is Wednesday, where i hope to get in 3 to 5 hours on the single speed outside of Nevada City, on the other side of Donner summit down in California. Later

Thursday, February 24, 2005


A big thanks to jeff, for the support. I must say after reading Sloanes, report on the Old Pueblo race, I am impressed. Congrats to Sloane on his victory. It sounds very undesert like and epic. I mean epic in the sense of epic and out of this world hard. Much props to him.
Today was supposed to be a long day in the saddle, but I was far too tired and out of it to put in those hours, so I went to yoga, and then spent the rest of the day sitting outside a nice Mexican Restaurant and talking, on the phone, to my girlfriend in Seattle. Now I am at home after a decent, 1 1/2 ride getting ready to go to go pick up my Ritchey Breakaway bike and wool trainer. Not much else happening, just wonder how to attract more people to this site. Is my life not interesting? Let me know what more I need to do. My season keeps mutating as I add and subtract races, such is the bike racers life. I am trying to keep it sane this year so that I dont lose my mind mid season. My priority is to stay sustainable and to not use my car as much as possible. Cars bad, bike good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well I have some sponsorship info. Ritchey, will be helping me out this year. I look forward to riding their products. They are based here in Reno which makes it quite convenient. Due to the fact that my girlfriend currently resides in Seattle, I believe that a break away frame is the order of the day. Ritchey also has some nice Wool trainers that i would like to get me hands on.
Speaking of wool products, ibex will be helping me out as well, they are a Vermont based companty that specializes in wool products of all kinds. I love wool and all that it does for me and they are putting it out in some creative ways.
Crankbrothers, www.crankbrothers will be the platform under the shoes, I have ridden these pedals pretty much since their inception and love them. That is all for now. I am excited about the upcoming season and look forward to all the races.
Superfeet, is taking care of my feet, these footbeds rock, if you have never tried them out you should, they make a huge difference in foot comfort which makes a difference over the long haul. These are invaluable. Check em out.
E-Caps/Hammer Nutrition is taking care of all my recover needs. I love the Recoverite, it is magic, the mito r caps and supreme caps are awsome as well. Sustained energy, Perpetum, Heed, all they products are too long to list, but they work.
I think that the first race of the season will be the Cool Classic. Hope to see you there.

community/small world

When I ride i have all these thoughts about what it is to be alive and what it all means and they all seem to make sense, but when I try to put them on paper a lot of times they dont come out the same, or what it really is, is I cant quite remember how it is I wanted to say what it is I wanted to say. That probably makes no sense what so ever.
As mentioned before when I was in Seattle I rode out to Redmond to see Kent Patterson, and had a very wonderful conversation. That conversation coupled with the trans rockies undertaking, in which I have yet to met my partner face to face, have truly made the world a smaller place. It is interesting observation. As I get more and more in to this sport I am meeting more and more like souls, people on a similar path. We are all connected by our love and passion for the bike. For finding out what is possible and for pushing out limits. Age is unimportant, and as Kent said and I am sure I am paraphrasing a bit here " it becomes more about the passion and the shared ideas than about geography." Rich is located in North Carolina, Kent is in Washington, other people live in the bay area or Vermont or Arizona, oregon. But to me this is so mind opening, it goes along with my post about being mindful, it is helping me to be more and more a part of the world than apart from the world.
I had a very nice conversation with Chris Cosentino the other day, the new dad is doing great. IF anyone is looking to purchase an unridden, single speed airborne 29er he is the man to get ahold of. It is going to be built up sweet and sold for a really good price. Some of the highlights are Jones H Bars, a new wheelset, ti laidback seatpost. If you have any interest let me know and I will let him know.
Well its my day off so I will probably, since I worked so late last night, god bless the holidays, that I missed my yoga class this am, I couldnt seem to wake up and make it all come together in time. So I will be reading, today it is Ghost Rider, by Neal Peart, of Rush. It is a travel book of sorts, about a very rough time in his life and the traveling he goes on in an attempt to cleanse himself. Very interestign so far. He travels by motorcycle, which makes it somewhat parrell, well maybe not, but it is a good read so far. Then another lovely night at work. Last night was busy, but like all nights should be people having a good time, laughing and relaxed, and of course taking care of number 1, me. Ha ha ha

Monday, February 21, 2005

ride report

Well, the weather here in Reno is anything but typical. Man have I been spoiled for the last two years, when I thought overcast, or even partly cloudy for that matter, was bad. Today I awoke to the slight piter pater piter pater that has become all to familiar. I was full of excuses why I shouldnt ride and why I should. Constantly searching out new and interesting feelings on the bike I hit the override but on all the mental banter and headed out in to the rain. I decided to do a ride in to the North Valleys around Reno and also that way looked the least problomatic. So off I rode, with one water bottle and no food in to the chilly wet weather. I actually enjoyed myself, but two and a half hours later I was finally home and hungry as hell. It was fun. I realized that over half the battle is getting out there and doing it. I also tried out some pants that were meant for trail running by patagonia that worked out great. Water stayed out and I stayed dry. I have been putting down the miles by day, and getting killed in the restaurant by night. Good times. Hi ho hi ho its off to work I go.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


I read on Matt Chesters blog, , a long post on this subject and it touched a cord with me as I have been reading books and trying myself to be mindful. Being mindful and present in the moment is not as easy as it sounds, letting thoughts come up and pass through your mind so that you are only engaged in a single activity at one time is not a prevalent thought in our society. For me, this journey of self improvement and self awareness, which I think parralel the idea of mindfulness, started at the begining of last year and a time where I was not making healthy decisions, and what a strange journey it has been. Take a moment to think about all the times you are doing one activity and at the same time your mind is not even really focused at all on that activity. How many times are you daydreaming about the future while driving, while eating, while on your bike. This idea of mindfulness and living in the moment is for me a challange, there are days when I do really well and feel very in touch and connected, there are days in which I dont do so well and feel so not a part of anything and filled with such dought. Then I am reminded that in a quest for mindfulness isnt that I will always be happy and part of being mindful is noting and not fighting the bad feelings, not fighting the flow of feelings. I sometimes think that it is a search for constantness, is that even a word?, but what it really means to me is to create and awareness and knowledge of the self. Aware of motivations and who we really are as humans. One thought that has really helped me to be more aware and more mindful, is to tell myself that we are all a part of a large meaning and that we are all humas just trying to get throught the day and we are all struggleing for happiness and to feel a part of the larger picture. We all feel so small and disconnected, we need to feel more a part of the whole and more interconnected if we are to last as a society. Me, Me,Me. instead of We,WE,WE. That is what being mindful is for me. The biggest skill that has helped me and seems to be at the center of the mindful practice is to pay attention to your breath. Pay attention to all the feelings and more importantly when the mind wanders bring it back to the breath, the simple in and out of the breath. It doesnt need to be deep but usually with practice and focus your breath will deepen, but if it doesnt it doesnt. Another phrase that has helped me through it all is "it is what it is, it isnt what it isnt" THanks for reading the rant, and the meditation thing is not at all easy, I have found that walking meditation works well for me. More later.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

thoughts from Seattle

Well it is not typical Seattle weather, ie it is not raining cats and dogs sideways at least part of each day. It has been very enjoyable weather, maybe a little chilly but other than that it is sunny and beautiful. The scenery here is amazing, when it is clear you are basicaly confronted with spectacular mountain tops graced with snow wherever your eyes may look. Rainer, the Olympics and the Cascades, just awsome. It is probably these things that keep everyone here. I took the opportunity to rent a bike from Greggs GreenLake Cyclery, and to spend some time in the saddle to get my barings so to speak. I have found that on a bike I feel more a part of what i am experience, more interacitve possiblities and just plain more alive while in the saddle as opposed to being in a car. I feel more out of the box, not so confined and just more connected. I can't really express it any other way than it makes it all seem more alive, and I have more vivid memories, I can create more lasting impressions in my mind than I can while in a car, and I can see more than just walking around, even though at times this is a very effective tool.
Yesterday my girlfriend and I rode through a majority of the neighborhoods in Seattle. She had participated in a group ride last year called the Spawning Cycle, and we attempted to recreate the route. We mad a few mistakes but had a great time. She is not much of a competitve cyclist, much more recreational than i so we took our time, and I must tip my hat to her, i was very impressed. For someone who has not been riding much at all since last year and before that she just rode casually, she did very well. For her to ride 40+ miles and stay mostly intacted except for one low sugar point is awsome. Today I needed to get out and do some more riding so I rode the Burke Gilman trail over to Redmond to meet Kent Patterson, at the Sammamish Valley Cycle,, i was hoping that he would be working, and low and behold he was. We had a nice conversation and I wished that i had a camera because I took a look at his rig that he will be riding in the divide race,, but more on that conversation later. For those of you that dont know who he is he is going to compete in the Great Divide Race on a single speed bike, we connected immediatly and it was nice to meet another soul on a similar path in life. I hope to stay in touch with him. Time to be getting moving agian, tonight we are going out with Danielles parents and then tommarrow I am back to REno and all the guest waiting in the chairs at the restaurant, but it sure has been a nice break to be away from the daily grind and all.

Monday, February 14, 2005

graphics soon

I hope with the help of Jeff Kerkove over at Kerkove Media, that soon I will have some tasty graphics for you all to look over, to spruce up the old blog. I know it is kind of bland looking right now, but I have some plans that will hopefully be to everyones liking, and if you dont like them, well hay I tried and we are all entitled to our opionions. I have seen this mans work and it is all good. I am excited about what it will look like. I hope to have a list of links to other sites that I like and other racers pages etc. I hope the racing blog sites continue to grow. It is an interesting experience to write your life down for others to read and comment on. Make every day a new day and always strive to make it interesting, I hope.
I just put in a huge week on the bike and skis, not much rest considering the resturant was busy all week and I was up till the early morning hours, little sleep for little old me. I went for a 60 miler yesterday with a bunch of climbing, I would have like to go longer but the monster we all call work got in the way again. Nuff said. I am just going to ride to the bank and back today as due to another holiday that we all call Valentines Day I have to be a work way early so I can get ready to deal with all that goes down, taste the pre fixed menu and drink lots of coffee. Not to say that I dont like the holiday it is just another way to keep us buying things for our loved ones that isnt really necessary, people get all twisted around the idea that things have to be a certain way, I've got an idea, how bout we all celebrate valentines day the day after the official holiday that way you can get roses, I mean lots of roses at a discounted price and use the left over money to do something fun with your lover, not stress, just tell her you are looking out for her and that from now on you will celebrate the day after the holiday. More bang for your buck. If you get my drift. Well enough on that subject I have a very short ride to take, then a couple days off, as i am going to seattle to spend time with my better half. I plan to do some riding while up there, but I put in a huge 3 weeks and now it is time to rest and relax a bit. I might post while up there if I am struck with the interest, if not I'll be back on Saturday. Man it sure is good to get away for a bit. Then I come back to the crowds of Presidents Day weekend, makes me wish I were going to Tucson for the race. THat Old Peublo race is a fun one. later

Saturday, February 12, 2005

humble pie

I like the phrase we all need a little hmble pie, i.e getting our asses kicked when we think that we are really in a good place. I like this in the phyicaly arena beacuse it give you something to shoot for, it inspires us to push harder, train harder, be more dedicated to our goals. Any goal the more focus and intensity at which you approach it will directly relate to the outcome. The old energy in energy out kind of phylosophy. Everytime I feel myself getting high and mighty a slice of humble pie is just the cure,then I am brought back to earth and again start to dedicate and attack. It gives you a time to rethink, evaluate, it is a sort of refreshing do over. It is lifes way of asking you to reconsider, to be humble, to be human. So here is to Humble Pie, and when you get a slice dont get upset use it as motivation and focus. Be human be real, because when you stop doing this usually life will give you a slice of the pie. Thats alll for today. I have been exersising so much that today it a scheduled day off, just housework and then off to work for the joys of Saturday night. If I dont get off to late I am heading to a friends birthday party, it should be a good one, by the time I get there everyone will be beyond so it should be an interesting study. Have a goood one.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

another auburn epic

Today was a epic day in the start of what I hope is an amazing season. Although I could feel the fact that it was early season and my fitness is not exactly where I would like it to be, for the first single speed ride of the year, I feel a sense of satisfaction. The trail locations can not be revealed but the views were stunning, the climbs steep and the decsents were steep to rolling and everything in between. Stats or as many stats as I am going to keep were 4 hrs and 40 mins of riding with 6100 feet of elevation gain, and a majority of the climbs were steep with no brakes or time to rest, I tried my best not to walk but a few times was forced off the bike.
Sunday the black label bike club shindig was intesting and like nothing I have ever experienced. Tall bikes and custom make bikes were the order of the day, with all sorts of wild antics to boot. Too much for words is the thought that comes to mind, other worldly is another thought as well. I am beat and am heading to bed for some quality rest and reading. I have been reading the Metal Cowboy, it is very well written stories about all that bike touring can offer, by Joe Kurmanshie, I butchered that but dont really have the energy to go and get the book, it is on the other side of the house.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

random thoughts

Well I have been using the Dell DJ, this thing really packs on the songs, it is great, easy to use and all, and hold something like 10,000 songs, crazy. The headphones that it comes with absolutly suck but I am about to get some new ones to deal with that issue.
Yesterday a few of us put in some miles in the range of 75 in under 4 hrs on the road, cant say we did too much climbling, but we either had a huge headwind, read slow speeds or a huge tailwind, read high speeds, it was great, my legs felt good the whole time. I got home just in time to shower and head to the restaurant for some fun times. Last night was busy and what better for my recover than to stand on my feet until 11:30, such is life. I am really looking forward to the ride in Auburn on Tuesday. Today will just be a little rest and then off to the Black Label Bike Clubs party at the Jazz Club here in reno. The weather has been marginal, but yesterday it was something like 35 degrees when we started but absolutely beautifly sunny so we were all psyched because it felt so warm, you know it has been cold when 35 feels warm and you are feeling overdressed. Still putting the finishing touches on the season and trying to finalize what races I am going to do, I am probably going to do 5 ro 6 major races. And a handful of shorter races. It takes me so long to get warmed up these days.
At the gathering I am going to be taking my Surly flask out for a test ride, it is the perfect size, not to much but enough to get you through the day. Little Jamesons Irish Whiskey for the day. The Street dogs show on tuesday in Davis,CA should be a good time, I cant wait, Tuesday is going to be one of those days to remember. Good riding in Auburn in the warm weather and then a show, what more is there. Enough rambling for now, I plan to get a short ride in tommarrow to open the legs up agian and then it is tax time, I am hoping for a big return. Hope with me.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Well I sure would like to make this more interesting, but I haven't had that much interesting go one lately, just the everyday grind sort of stuff. Trying to stay healthy in the restaurant business this time of year is ever challanging and the vitamin regiment has been high and offten. Lots of Emergen C this stuff is great, I even take the one with chondriotin and glucosamine, I know I butchered that one. I am just gearing up to go nordic ski and then another fun filled night at the restaurant. Tommarrow we plan on a big ride and then sunday is a bike superbowl party, good times. As far as the restarant business goes my mom sent me an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times, I don't agree with it totally, but it had links to some interesting sites, , just to name a couple, in the high stress waiter world where nothing is in your control, but you are resposible for everything people need to find a way to let go, other than going out and pounding drinks at the local watering hole, and these seem to provide space for that. I must say not all of us have the outlook on the websites, but most of us can certainly identify with what they are saying. Anyone who deals with the public has similar stories but for some reason when people go out to dinner they seem to leave their brains and a lot of them seem to leave their respect for others at home. I could recite many stories that most people would gasp at in just the short 5 year period in which I have waited tables. YOu are treated like a servant by some, bartenders on the other hand are defended, they have the power of the drink, I cant imagine why people would insult someone who is about to bring your food, not that I would ever do anything, but fuck, do you really want to take that chance. I believe in karma, so what goes around comes around and the world will take care of it for us. Sorry for the rant, I'm off to ski, to keep my santity so I dont have to rant so much about these things.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Well training is in full swing. Today was a day of rest, well sort of, today all I did was ride to the coffee shop and then to my get my hippie on at yoga class. I have found that even though I have only gone to four classes the breathing exersises really pay off. I can already notice a difference. So I imagine I will keep going. But I am so unflexible that it is not even funny, well I bet it is really funny to others. I will keep going no matter what.
Yesterday was a good day I rode about 60 miles with a bunch of climbing, I went to the top of Geiger Grade, a local climb. The descent was cold, by the time I got to the bottom my feet were ice blocks, and I still had 20 miles to go. I got home and thawed out, the shower burn is what I call it. Not much else to report here, just working towards putting it all together.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

trans rockies

The trans rockies is a go. Rich Dillen and I are going to tackle this thing on single speeds, you may know him, he is the mutant that did the La Ruta on a single speed last year. I am really excited about this. Anyone want to sponsor us? I also had this crazy idea last night to auction off a specific dimension area for a tattoo, that would finance this race, and maybe even this season. Crazy I know, but an idea none the less. Anyone else got any ideas. I am also going to try to keep as many posts during or right after the race on this blog. It is my idea to document this as much as I can.
Did some more crazy hippie yoga, actually I think that this commplements cycling, with the breathing and the streching, I know a little esoteric and not action oriented, but I like it. You know me and the 50 something and up ladies. We are all here just trying to make it throught another day.
Superbowl sunday, the Black Label Bike Club is holding a tall bike joust contest among some other stuff, should be interesting and fun to see all the other bike nuts in the community. All for now, the blog should be getting a little more interesting soon, as Jeff Kerkove may be spicing it up for me.
Sunday I did a two hour nordic ski, yesterday not much and today it was yoga and some more sking, which I need to go an do, and of course work both nights all nights, it is hard to get everything done that I want to with all the work, 6 nights a week for over a year now, I am on a mission and will not stop until it is finished. Ciao