Tuesday, February 01, 2005

trans rockies

The trans rockies is a go. Rich Dillen and I are going to tackle this thing on single speeds, you may know him, he is the mutant that did the La Ruta on a single speed last year. I am really excited about this. Anyone want to sponsor us? I also had this crazy idea last night to auction off a specific dimension area for a tattoo, that would finance this race, and maybe even this season. Crazy I know, but an idea none the less. Anyone else got any ideas. I am also going to try to keep as many posts during or right after the race on this blog. It is my idea to document this as much as I can.
Did some more crazy hippie yoga, actually I think that this commplements cycling, with the breathing and the streching, I know a little esoteric and not action oriented, but I like it. You know me and the 50 something and up ladies. We are all here just trying to make it throught another day.
Superbowl sunday, the Black Label Bike Club is holding a tall bike joust contest among some other stuff, should be interesting and fun to see all the other bike nuts in the community. All for now, the blog should be getting a little more interesting soon, as Jeff Kerkove may be spicing it up for me.
Sunday I did a two hour nordic ski, yesterday not much and today it was yoga and some more sking, which I need to go an do, and of course work both nights all nights, it is hard to get everything done that I want to with all the work, 6 nights a week for over a year now, I am on a mission and will not stop until it is finished. Ciao

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