Sunday, February 06, 2005

random thoughts

Well I have been using the Dell DJ, this thing really packs on the songs, it is great, easy to use and all, and hold something like 10,000 songs, crazy. The headphones that it comes with absolutly suck but I am about to get some new ones to deal with that issue.
Yesterday a few of us put in some miles in the range of 75 in under 4 hrs on the road, cant say we did too much climbling, but we either had a huge headwind, read slow speeds or a huge tailwind, read high speeds, it was great, my legs felt good the whole time. I got home just in time to shower and head to the restaurant for some fun times. Last night was busy and what better for my recover than to stand on my feet until 11:30, such is life. I am really looking forward to the ride in Auburn on Tuesday. Today will just be a little rest and then off to the Black Label Bike Clubs party at the Jazz Club here in reno. The weather has been marginal, but yesterday it was something like 35 degrees when we started but absolutely beautifly sunny so we were all psyched because it felt so warm, you know it has been cold when 35 feels warm and you are feeling overdressed. Still putting the finishing touches on the season and trying to finalize what races I am going to do, I am probably going to do 5 ro 6 major races. And a handful of shorter races. It takes me so long to get warmed up these days.
At the gathering I am going to be taking my Surly flask out for a test ride, it is the perfect size, not to much but enough to get you through the day. Little Jamesons Irish Whiskey for the day. The Street dogs show on tuesday in Davis,CA should be a good time, I cant wait, Tuesday is going to be one of those days to remember. Good riding in Auburn in the warm weather and then a show, what more is there. Enough rambling for now, I plan to get a short ride in tommarrow to open the legs up agian and then it is tax time, I am hoping for a big return. Hope with me.

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