Monday, February 21, 2005

ride report

Well, the weather here in Reno is anything but typical. Man have I been spoiled for the last two years, when I thought overcast, or even partly cloudy for that matter, was bad. Today I awoke to the slight piter pater piter pater that has become all to familiar. I was full of excuses why I shouldnt ride and why I should. Constantly searching out new and interesting feelings on the bike I hit the override but on all the mental banter and headed out in to the rain. I decided to do a ride in to the North Valleys around Reno and also that way looked the least problomatic. So off I rode, with one water bottle and no food in to the chilly wet weather. I actually enjoyed myself, but two and a half hours later I was finally home and hungry as hell. It was fun. I realized that over half the battle is getting out there and doing it. I also tried out some pants that were meant for trail running by patagonia that worked out great. Water stayed out and I stayed dry. I have been putting down the miles by day, and getting killed in the restaurant by night. Good times. Hi ho hi ho its off to work I go.

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