Wednesday, December 29, 2004

snow and inactivity

Well today was supposed to be another fun filled ride in Auburn, but mother nature in the form of snow over Donner Pass has put that plan to rest. Other than that I have ridden the bike once in the last 15 days for an hour and not done much in the way of exersise at all. I have come to terms with it though and am no longer beating myself up over not riding. I am going to the doctor, the ear nose and throat doctor tommarrow because I have been off and on ill for the last 2 months and the swollen glands in my throat will just not go away. Inactivity is difficult, but I figure I would rather be off the bike now than later in the season. It is a good time of year to be mellow. I have also been dealing with the christmas new years crowds at the restarant, oh what fun, the pocket book loves me, but the mind is a taking some heat and under pressure so to speak. They are not always in the Holiday spirit so to speak.
When I rode the fixie the other day I felt great, my legs were super powerful. I always seem to get in a blue mood this time of year, but I think the illness is adding to my lack of motivation. I am motivated to suceed next year and taking this as a learning experience and embracing doing nothing. I was going to go for a little ride today after the Auburn ride was cancelled but the snow is falling pretty heavy right now and I dont think that exacerbating the situation and pushing myself is necessary right now. There is plenty of season ahead.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Deep Survival

Deep Survival is the name of a book that I just read and that I think every endurance athlete, or for that matter anyone should read, especially those of us who at times find ourselves making decisions under stress. The book is a page turner. It is about the psychology if getting lost and who survives and who doesn't and what the pervading themes are in survival. It predominatly deals with survival in the wilderness, but as he says it relates to how companies make decisions and what he calls the mental map. As with a lot of other things I have come to read and agree with it, to live life in the moment is the way to live, constantly acessing our situation and making a new mental map as he calls it and not just sticking to our outdated mental map and trying to make the wilderness, what we are seeing conform to our map, as that will not happen. It talks about prepareness, and also the ability to be flexible in thought. Having a rigid outlook will usually lead to trouble, but the real ability comes in being able to make decisions based on what you are experiencing and that alone, not the rigid map that we all have that leads to sucess or failure. I think that those of us who succeed in the endurance world are more likely to be of the survival mentality or have increased survival rates because we train our bodies and our minds to handle the stress of riding for 24 hrs and all that one encounters. We are more likely to have what he calls a positive mental outlook, a characteristic that is hard to describe, he attempts to, but it is a quallity that is hard to describe. The main point I took from the book was to be present and constantly accessing our situations in the world and look for clues that will keep your map of the world current, because our maps if held rigid will quickly become outdated and lead to being lost in the world or in our own lives. Check this book out it is really interesting. Hope everyones xmas was fun.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Today the last nine days of rest finally got to me, I could no longer deal with the endless time on my hands feeling and just had to get out for a run. Mind you I hate to run, but it helps me to stay off the bike and to prevent that all to familiar burnout and overtraining. Like I said nine days off the bike is eternity, I have a ride planned in Auburn next week, and am going to try to stay off the bike for the most part untill then. Like I said running sucks, but it is a necessary evil, I would like to be skate sking, but due to lack of snow the trails suck and rocks are exposed, so that is a no go, so running is the cardio vascular activity that is left. I also really dont enjoy working out indoors, such as the stairmaster, so that is not on the agendy. Running, so I ran for about an hour on the trails in Evans Canyon, right out my back door so all in all in was a mood lifter. Tonight I am hoping to hang out with some friends, as it is my only day off this week from the henious christmas crowds in Tahoe, and I need to connect with some people I havn't seen in a while.
Other random things, I know what my dad got me for christmas as a package from dell is now attempting to be deliverd for the 3rd time because I have to personal sign for it, what a hassel here I am waiting for my mp3 player so that I can get to downloading music and carrying it with me when I work out and I have missed it for two days, would have been nice to have on todays run to take my mind of exactly what I was doing. Happy Holidays to all.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Random thoughts

Rest is probably the hardest thing for me to deal with. I can train day in and day out, absolutly punishing myself but taking time off the bike to let the weary mind and body recover is the hard part. I have now been completly off the bike for 7 days, and have done little other exersise other than walking the dog and those daily chores. Oh that and the two days of trail work that I did in the Evans Canyon area here in Reno. That involved lifting rocks and lots and lots of McCloud work. I think thats how you spell that. That was a total of about 7 hrs between the two days, and then working in the restaurant each evening, thats a day filled with rest. The reason I have decided to take a break from the exersise for just a bit is that I just felt terrible and getting up was such a chore, and the fact that the glands in my throat were constanly enlarged, so I am getting healthy again, I think that I may have been dangerously close to being overtrained. Like I said rest does not come easy for me. Idle time is the work of the devil I say.
Back to the trail work thing, we should all, us mountain bikers and racers, take the time to give back to be part of the trail building effort. I don't know how many mountain bikers there are in the area, but only 4 of us showed up to do any work, that is just down right sad. WE use the trails we should be part of the effort to maintain and build more so that we can be a part of ensuring them for future use. It should be required. Not doing trial maintence work and then complaing about the lack of or quality of trails is like not voting and then complaining about the president or the state of the country. If you are not part of the process you have no right to complain. Enough said, get out there and work on some trails. You will feel better I promise.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

bullards bar and that time of year

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding the Bullards Bar trail, it is very fun, we rode out along the twisting fingers, this trail twists and turns so much with little elevation gain until a little climb at the end to get up to a ridgeline that takes you back to 8 ball and then contiunes to stay high by the rode. I had heard a lot about this trail, and it was fun.
That said, it is the time of year where I am going to spend some time with family and to take a break from the bike. Since last year I have not taken more than four straight days off the bike, I plan to get back on at the begining of next year, my legs, back and mind need to recover a little from a season that was full of big rides and races. Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 12, 2004

random thoughts

Today Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself for what I have decided is my lack of motivation, but it is however December and I am not the biggest fan of the holidays. So I slept in, talked to my parents, they are divorced so this was done in two different calls. I surfed the net and thought about tomarrows ride. We are either going to ride Nevada City, which I think will be a peanut butter mess, or bullards bar which is supposed to be a fun rolling ride, with not much elevation gain but lots of twists and turns. Work was qutie nice last night, busy for a change. Not much else to report. I ran yesterday for a little over an hour. The first half hour sucked so much, but then I got in to the grove. I don't run that much, but i am trying to take some time off the bike, as a total break is next to impossible for me, so if I can rest a little here and there. I am looking forward to next season.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Auburn is full of fun

I had the pleasure of riding my bike in Auburn with Mr Roger Lackey and had the opportunity to sample some fine single track. Auburn is full of steep decsents and climbs and in our 4 hr ride we did a lot of both. It was super muddy and very wet, probably one of the wettest rides I have been on. Rigid 29er are capable of so much I rolled over everything in sight, no problem, every time I ride this bike I enjoy it more and more, and my worries about it go away. I took some pictures of the bike that I will hopefully post here and on Mtbr. Wade and Derrrick are both amazing and I am very satisfied with my bike, so order one and you to can be rockin a piece of art down the trail.

Friday, December 03, 2004

date and time issues

I am having problems with the date and tiem updating itself so it appears as though I have not been updating this blog well I have so the trans Iowa thoghts were from today not from 5 days ago, sorry I am always learning new things while on a computer, it has been one growing experience after another great, just what I want. Thanks for you patience.