Sunday, December 12, 2004

random thoughts

Today Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself for what I have decided is my lack of motivation, but it is however December and I am not the biggest fan of the holidays. So I slept in, talked to my parents, they are divorced so this was done in two different calls. I surfed the net and thought about tomarrows ride. We are either going to ride Nevada City, which I think will be a peanut butter mess, or bullards bar which is supposed to be a fun rolling ride, with not much elevation gain but lots of twists and turns. Work was qutie nice last night, busy for a change. Not much else to report. I ran yesterday for a little over an hour. The first half hour sucked so much, but then I got in to the grove. I don't run that much, but i am trying to take some time off the bike, as a total break is next to impossible for me, so if I can rest a little here and there. I am looking forward to next season.

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