Monday, December 20, 2004

Random thoughts

Rest is probably the hardest thing for me to deal with. I can train day in and day out, absolutly punishing myself but taking time off the bike to let the weary mind and body recover is the hard part. I have now been completly off the bike for 7 days, and have done little other exersise other than walking the dog and those daily chores. Oh that and the two days of trail work that I did in the Evans Canyon area here in Reno. That involved lifting rocks and lots and lots of McCloud work. I think thats how you spell that. That was a total of about 7 hrs between the two days, and then working in the restaurant each evening, thats a day filled with rest. The reason I have decided to take a break from the exersise for just a bit is that I just felt terrible and getting up was such a chore, and the fact that the glands in my throat were constanly enlarged, so I am getting healthy again, I think that I may have been dangerously close to being overtrained. Like I said rest does not come easy for me. Idle time is the work of the devil I say.
Back to the trail work thing, we should all, us mountain bikers and racers, take the time to give back to be part of the trail building effort. I don't know how many mountain bikers there are in the area, but only 4 of us showed up to do any work, that is just down right sad. WE use the trails we should be part of the effort to maintain and build more so that we can be a part of ensuring them for future use. It should be required. Not doing trial maintence work and then complaing about the lack of or quality of trails is like not voting and then complaining about the president or the state of the country. If you are not part of the process you have no right to complain. Enough said, get out there and work on some trails. You will feel better I promise.

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