Thursday, December 23, 2004


Today the last nine days of rest finally got to me, I could no longer deal with the endless time on my hands feeling and just had to get out for a run. Mind you I hate to run, but it helps me to stay off the bike and to prevent that all to familiar burnout and overtraining. Like I said nine days off the bike is eternity, I have a ride planned in Auburn next week, and am going to try to stay off the bike for the most part untill then. Like I said running sucks, but it is a necessary evil, I would like to be skate sking, but due to lack of snow the trails suck and rocks are exposed, so that is a no go, so running is the cardio vascular activity that is left. I also really dont enjoy working out indoors, such as the stairmaster, so that is not on the agendy. Running, so I ran for about an hour on the trails in Evans Canyon, right out my back door so all in all in was a mood lifter. Tonight I am hoping to hang out with some friends, as it is my only day off this week from the henious christmas crowds in Tahoe, and I need to connect with some people I havn't seen in a while.
Other random things, I know what my dad got me for christmas as a package from dell is now attempting to be deliverd for the 3rd time because I have to personal sign for it, what a hassel here I am waiting for my mp3 player so that I can get to downloading music and carrying it with me when I work out and I have missed it for two days, would have been nice to have on todays run to take my mind of exactly what I was doing. Happy Holidays to all.

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