Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Woman deserve this....

Got this email a few days back and had every intention of getting it up here. Equal prize money for woman at UCI events, hell make it Norba events too. Here is the link to the petition.

Today being one of those days I slept too much and my head feels all fuzzy, I don't really have much to say, maybe it was all the wine and cheese last night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 Slow 2 Coast

Last year we were low on money and wanted to get away from the rain for some sun, but just couldn't afford it. This winter we promised ourselves that no matter what we were getting away to the desert. We did the Old Pueblo race a few years a back and have wanted to return ever since. Usually it is 60 or 70 degrees and sunny, quite a change from Seattle. The only decision that remained was what category to race. My friend Kevin and I talked about putting together a 4 man coaster brake team, I thought about solo, then was I going to ride fixed or not, then I checked Dave Nice's blog and happened to see that he was thinking of heading to Old Pueblo, and looking for a duo fixie partner. I knew that was the answer.

2 slow 2 coast, our team name, fueled by Whiskey and beer. I can't wait it will be so much fun.

Now what gearing to run, gotta get some bigger tires than the cross tires on the bike right now. Spend a few more days relaxing and then put in a few more miles a week to get ready. We both have the same idea to have fun and enjoy, rather than tear ourselves inside out so early in the year.

Last weekend I rode up in Bellingham with Kevin and a few others in the pouring rain for just shy of 4 hours. We were all soaked and cold by the end. I must remember to bring a spare set of gloves and booties for my feet. On the final descent of the day I couldn't feel my fingers enough to know if I was braking or not. In the shower everything itched like crazy and it took a few beers before I was warm through and through.

Now I have to surf the couch a bit more before I head out to yet another Christmas party. My liver will thank me when they are over.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

cross season finale...

It's over, my legs and back are thanking me, the are knotted up and in need of some rest. The finale was this Sunday at Kelly Creek, and it snowed a bit, making for a slick ride at times. I could give you the lap by lap run down, but why I'll just give you the highlights.

I lead for a bit, a lap or two maybe three.

For awhile it was 1 and 2 both riding fixed.

My friend Craig Ethridge won BRAKELESS on a fixie, by a bit. Remember his name cause he is such a great guy, after winning the ss race he jumped on his geared bike and raced the 1/2 race.

Dale Knapp did a bit of a strip tease. ouch!!!!

I did a couple of shots from the Cabana, some coconut pineapple concoction. Kept me warm.

Brap, Brap was heard from the sidelines, this is what I say to others when we are out gettin it, thanks to my friends Smiley and Amber.

The Revolution Cycling team did quite well on the season placing riders on the podium in most of their respective classes.

Now I am going in to the Holidaze a bit more fit than normal. I have also been running a bit, trying to cross train, man pavement is hard.

As always keep pedaling.

Monday, December 03, 2007

bunny hops...

i took this one off the cycling northwest website. thanks to whoever it was that snapped this here action shot. I wondered how I had been clearing the barriers on the fixie and how high I could get. Before this here shot I wasn't sure. Not bad for a guy on a fixie with more than a couple beers in him. Guess it ain't called liquid courage for nothing. I cleared the next one as well and rode a massive nose wheelie out. Some might call it style I just called it luck, and the sense to know that you just stay calm.

In other news, I raced now it would be almost 8 days ago and felt like crap, it was the 8th race of the series, only one more to go then it is a bit of a commuting hiatus for a couple of weeks and then I start "training" for the upcoming season, more on that later though. It was cold, I was tired from serving football fans all Saturday long, and I had to gut it out, no style just good old fashion grit and determination. I had my worst race of the season and finished 5th in the ss class. Looking at the results I was only 1 min 7 seconds out of first, 30 seconds out of 3rd 1 second out of 4th and 1 second away from 6th. All in all for how I felt not a bad day. true grit. The season finale is this weekend, looks to be extremely wet, we are literally preparing to build an ark real soon. Good times and as always keep pedaling.