Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 Slow 2 Coast

Last year we were low on money and wanted to get away from the rain for some sun, but just couldn't afford it. This winter we promised ourselves that no matter what we were getting away to the desert. We did the Old Pueblo race a few years a back and have wanted to return ever since. Usually it is 60 or 70 degrees and sunny, quite a change from Seattle. The only decision that remained was what category to race. My friend Kevin and I talked about putting together a 4 man coaster brake team, I thought about solo, then was I going to ride fixed or not, then I checked Dave Nice's blog and happened to see that he was thinking of heading to Old Pueblo, and looking for a duo fixie partner. I knew that was the answer.

2 slow 2 coast, our team name, fueled by Whiskey and beer. I can't wait it will be so much fun.

Now what gearing to run, gotta get some bigger tires than the cross tires on the bike right now. Spend a few more days relaxing and then put in a few more miles a week to get ready. We both have the same idea to have fun and enjoy, rather than tear ourselves inside out so early in the year.

Last weekend I rode up in Bellingham with Kevin and a few others in the pouring rain for just shy of 4 hours. We were all soaked and cold by the end. I must remember to bring a spare set of gloves and booties for my feet. On the final descent of the day I couldn't feel my fingers enough to know if I was braking or not. In the shower everything itched like crazy and it took a few beers before I was warm through and through.

Now I have to surf the couch a bit more before I head out to yet another Christmas party. My liver will thank me when they are over.

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Anonymous said...

What up sucka! Cool to see you'll be down in AZ.

Looking forward to seeing ya and knocking back a couple before and after. ;o)