Tuesday, December 11, 2007

cross season finale...

It's over, my legs and back are thanking me, the are knotted up and in need of some rest. The finale was this Sunday at Kelly Creek, and it snowed a bit, making for a slick ride at times. I could give you the lap by lap run down, but why I'll just give you the highlights.

I lead for a bit, a lap or two maybe three.

For awhile it was 1 and 2 both riding fixed.

My friend Craig Ethridge won BRAKELESS on a fixie, by a bit. Remember his name cause he is such a great guy, after winning the ss race he jumped on his geared bike and raced the 1/2 race.

Dale Knapp did a bit of a strip tease. ouch!!!!

I did a couple of shots from the Cabana, some coconut pineapple concoction. Kept me warm.

Brap, Brap was heard from the sidelines, this is what I say to others when we are out gettin it, thanks to my friends Smiley and Amber.

The Revolution Cycling team did quite well on the season placing riders on the podium in most of their respective classes.

Now I am going in to the Holidaze a bit more fit than normal. I have also been running a bit, trying to cross train, man pavement is hard.

As always keep pedaling.

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