Tuesday, July 25, 2006

so i about too..

go on a rant, cycling related but not really. Those of us that ride for pleasure should also ride for utilitarian reasons as well. I have been wanting to see Al Gore's movie and titled An Inconvient Truth for awhile now. Sunday I had the pleasure of doing so. I consider myself quite aware of global warming and its issues, and I learned and was inspired by this movie. Inspired to get involved in any way that I can. Global warming is a touchy subject, there are those who say "it doesn't matter, it is all twisting of fact, we are not doing damage" and there are those that say " it is too late to do anything, so why bother." I think that we are at a very critical time, that things are going to change, we are quite possibly change the way we live. America has a great opportunity to stand up and make an example out of itself, if the government wont do it then the people will have to do what the government is unwilling to do. I could go on and on. Do yourselves a favor, see the movie, especially those of you out there that think we as americans can continue to live as we do for the remainder of time. Please do yourselves and your fellow americans a favor, go and see this film. Check out this site as well.
Swobo is going to be making bikes.
Cadence clothing is in the process of getting jeans made. Dustin is also putting out some great one of a kind clothing. I had the pleasure of hanging out with him on friday for a few hours, watching him do tricks on his fixie, like one foot over the bar skids, reverse circles, well you get the picture.
I have been tossing around my own t shirt ideas and some other stuff, i have been getting parts ready for the monster cross bike. Brandon , www.trackdaddy.blogspot.com , wants to put on and endurance race here in washington, I would love to see this happen and have offered my assistance,etc.
we should all give thanks for having cycling in our lives, it is a great honor to be in your ranks. Cycling has brought me friends, like skateboarding did years ago, before skateboarding got so big that we as skaters didn't instanly bond. I get that bond now from cycling. I think that we as cyclist should feel connected just because we ride. I sometimes feel that we dont feel this bond, as I get snuffed by riders, but I consider them the unlucky ones and choose to focus on people like Dustin and Micheal and Justin and all the others I have met that are instantly brothers. This is my message to you. be a brother or sister to all those on bikes, bikes are part of the next revloution. as always keep pedaling.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

my first race in awhile

my first race in a while was yesterday, at the greenwater gamble. It was the 7th race in the Indie series, a washington race series that starts in February and finished yesterday. Greenwater is a small town up near Crystal mountain along Hwy 410 it is home to some of the greatest trails in the area. The Sun Top trial, Ranger creek, noble knob, the crystal mountain loop. This used some lesser known trials, as well as part of the sun top loop where used in the race course. It was a great race course, lots of roots, lots of twisting and turning, some hike a bikes you get the picture. Originally we were supposed to complete a start loop and 3 large loops, they changed it to one start loop and 2 large loops for the single speeders. We caved in very easy to the change. I had not exerted myself at race pace in a long while, so the shorter distance was welcomed. There were 5 of us in the singlespeed class. It was hot, and muggy. We started a 2pm. and were off down a flat gravel road for a bit. spun out. single track brought relief, that and passing. I had planned not to gas it, but that went out the window as soon as we started and I was in full race mode. I almosted paid for this, but began to settle in towards the middle of the second and last lap. I almost went for the third lap, just because but decided that I must build slowly back to race fitness, and I knew that I could do it, but it is better to ease back in to it all. I was happy to finish in 1 hour and 36 mins and in first place. However on the first lap I was chasing another guy who flatted at the top of the climb at the entrance to the single track and that helped me out, because I think he may have been the stronger rider. After the race we enjoyed the river and then head home. It was a sucessful test and gave me a bit of confidnece in my fitness.
Today I am going to see Al Gore's movie An Inconvient Truth, I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile. I am convinced that we need to be aware and respectful of the world in which we inhabit and that changes in lifestyle are coming.
Next weekend I am headed towards Spokane to ride with my friend matt, he has some good loops planned for us. he will kick my ass, and it will be good times.
as always keep pedaling.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

so i dont really have and excuse...

for not posting in a while, other than the fact that I have been lazy in updating my blog. that and I havent been feeling very creative, still trying to get the creative jucies flowing. Pictures would be nice, but I just cant seem to remember to take them. that and I fear falling on my camera. I dont fall, crash all that often, but it would only be appropriate if when I brought a camera a major crash insued. call me paranoid or supersitious or just plain crazy. that was established quite some time ago.

the tour has been and interesting one this year. what happened to floyd yesterday, was nice while it lasted to think that a former american mountain biker would get the yellow, and prove that there are other great american cyclist other than lance armstrong. I admit it has been fun to watch the tour without knowing that lance has a strangle hold on the competition.

I have been riding and plan to race here this weekend, I think, the weather is supposed to be miserable hot and my race starts at 2 pm, great time of day for me, due to the fact that I am not a morning person, but really hot time of day as well. I put in a good effort yesterday on the mountain bike and felt moteratly strong, I am a little sluggish today, but then again I am still waking up. I am pretty excited about racing again, just for the fun of it. I am sure the competative bones in my body will rise to the surface, but I am just going out to have a good time and enjoy the course. I will probably race it rigid, but I may throw the suspension fork on if, well just if I feel the need. that or just back out on racing it rigid. I am tossing around the idea of racing the 24 of moab, but it is still very tenative at the moment.

Dicky won, that is so rad, it would be great if he could post after every stage, rich make your mark brother. I love his blog, it is always a hoot to read.

so that is the update, the monster cross parts are being purchased this week, and it should be rolling real soon. pic as soon as I get it built up. I am stoked. thanks again wade. as always keep pedaling.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As promised an image of the tattoo that I got to remind myself that being sick was a part of the journey. Motivation "I will rise again" is what it says and I plan to do just that. I will return but even stronger than before. I have been getting more and more miles in, and feeling better. This is positive. The order of the day is to have fun. No fun is no fun. A little redundant if I do say so myself. There is a larger story to the tattoo, my best friend in high school is now a tattoo artist, this is some of his work. He was involved in a major accident 5 or 6 years ago that left him very damaged. He has since recovered, but to help him get through it all he got a sparrow crashing with the phrase " I will fly again" he restructured his life after his incident and became a tattoo artist, a dream of his. I am currently trying to find my way back, and have, while not job wise, but emotionally and spiritually reached a different level of understanding and being in the world because of my illness. I will soon have some more ink to show off as Brady is coming back to town for the Seattle Tattoo Convention in mid august. I am tossing around many ideas, but have not settled on one yet. www.inkademic.com

The parts for the monster cross bike are taking longer to acquire than I would like. It will happen when it happens.

On Saturday I went and rode the Sun Top loop near Crystal Mtn. Super steep climb followed by a ripping descent. I had been having brake problems for awhile, and the day before the ride thought I had it fixed so that I would at least have a back brake for the descent. The problem was it had leak some fluid and air was in the line, probably near the caliper, so you can imagine what happened by just adding some fluid it seemed to hold. I am on old Deore disc brakes that I have used for the last 3 seasons, they have seen better days. I just got some Avid juicy carbon brakes that will be on the Vulture tomorrow. I can not wait to use them. Power awaits me. Isn't it funny how new parts make you ride harder and faster than before, even if it is just a mental thing. I have some rides planned within the next couple of weeks, more on that later. Now just commuting longer distances to work and trying to stay ahead of it all. As always, keep pedaling.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


We should all support Team Dicky, win the RaceFace ultimate challange. Why you ask? Well a little history is in order. Before I got ill, I wanted to do this race and had every intention of doing it. My body, mind and soul were decicated and it took a lot for me to back out. I had to. I just couldn't ride. This was real, I felt like I wanted to die, I couldnt ride 3 miles without getting tired. I kept thinking it would pass. Well it didnt. I am still recovering this year, I am getting stronger and can ride a bunch more, but I am no where near where I was. So with saddness I had to backout. Causing Rich of team dicky to have to find a partner with little time. I wanted to be part of the team, the first singlespeed team to ride and complete the trans rockies. I still am not happy with myself for dissappointing such a strong rider. It just doesnt sit right with me that I had to dissappoint a fellow cyclist. I dont quit, and felt weak in doing so, but I had to, I was a shell of what I needed to be. So rich I support you and am still sorry about letting you down last year. everyone needs to vote for team dicky. rigid singlespeeds in the trans rockies, what could be better. I ripped a local ride yesterday on the rigid singlespeed, sore today, but there is one way to get in shape keep riding rigid. I am rambling, I am still upset for last year, I have come to terms with it, but it just doesnt sit right with me. I would like to get to the trans rockies again. If my recovery goes right I will be strong again. I got this tattoo awhile ago to help me realize that I can do it, I can come back from being fucked up beyond all recognition. well I will post it when I get the camera back from my girlfriend. Again rich I am sorry for last year.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


riding and hiking, and being away from all that connects us to the everyday. Last week I left for the Olympic Pennisula, to get away from it all, feel the sand on my toes and relax, or at the very least not do the same routine for a bit. Mission accomplished. I hung out with my dad, step mother and girlfriend. We did a lot of walking on the beach, there are some really amazing beaches out there. I went swimming on the first day, man was it cold, reminded me of being a child and spending time in the ocean in Maine. We went to the rainforest, we did at least 3 different activities a day. At times a bit draining, but all in all good. Did some riding on the trails out there, but so much of it is wilderness and we all know what that means, no bikes. I am feeling better on the bike, still not putting in the huge miles or hours, but more and more consistnet miles and hours each week. so that is a positive thing. This weekend will be a good test for me as we are planning to go ride the Sun Top trial, lots of climbing and then the next day the Ranger Creek trial, lots of climbing, all from the same camp. good times. about 20-30 miles a day with 4000 feet of climbing each day. this will be a test for me right now. old me would do it all in a day, recovering me will take it a little slower than that. We plan to explore a bit to see aobut connecting the crystal mountain loop in to it. The tripple crown of route 410, here in washington.
well all the fixie riders are out of the GDR, I was really looking forward to seeing them all cross the finish line, but alas, maybe next year some one will do it. Just showing up at the line on a fixed gear is amazing enough. Kent is putting on a ride for Dave Nice to raise money, I am hoping to have the monster cross bike built up and ready to ride that day, it is on the 30th of July, i hope that day is free, or I will have to clear it so that I can participate.

I hope that Rich and his teammate get in to the Trans Rockies. checkout racefaces site.

Get Cranked mag in your town. This is a local mag put out by some cool cats. You should get it in your town, or shop, or damn just get it.