Sunday, July 09, 2006


We should all support Team Dicky, win the RaceFace ultimate challange. Why you ask? Well a little history is in order. Before I got ill, I wanted to do this race and had every intention of doing it. My body, mind and soul were decicated and it took a lot for me to back out. I had to. I just couldn't ride. This was real, I felt like I wanted to die, I couldnt ride 3 miles without getting tired. I kept thinking it would pass. Well it didnt. I am still recovering this year, I am getting stronger and can ride a bunch more, but I am no where near where I was. So with saddness I had to backout. Causing Rich of team dicky to have to find a partner with little time. I wanted to be part of the team, the first singlespeed team to ride and complete the trans rockies. I still am not happy with myself for dissappointing such a strong rider. It just doesnt sit right with me that I had to dissappoint a fellow cyclist. I dont quit, and felt weak in doing so, but I had to, I was a shell of what I needed to be. So rich I support you and am still sorry about letting you down last year. everyone needs to vote for team dicky. rigid singlespeeds in the trans rockies, what could be better. I ripped a local ride yesterday on the rigid singlespeed, sore today, but there is one way to get in shape keep riding rigid. I am rambling, I am still upset for last year, I have come to terms with it, but it just doesnt sit right with me. I would like to get to the trans rockies again. If my recovery goes right I will be strong again. I got this tattoo awhile ago to help me realize that I can do it, I can come back from being fucked up beyond all recognition. well I will post it when I get the camera back from my girlfriend. Again rich I am sorry for last year.


Cellarrat said...


Whats done is done. Can't keep letting that speed bump get the best of yah!

Keep er spining!

Dicky said...

Never you mind about feeling bad about last year. I feel much worse about your lot in the matter. I still got to go, and I might get to go again. My life definitely doesn't suck, and there is no way that I would ever want you to feel bad about something that was out of your control.