Wednesday, July 05, 2006


riding and hiking, and being away from all that connects us to the everyday. Last week I left for the Olympic Pennisula, to get away from it all, feel the sand on my toes and relax, or at the very least not do the same routine for a bit. Mission accomplished. I hung out with my dad, step mother and girlfriend. We did a lot of walking on the beach, there are some really amazing beaches out there. I went swimming on the first day, man was it cold, reminded me of being a child and spending time in the ocean in Maine. We went to the rainforest, we did at least 3 different activities a day. At times a bit draining, but all in all good. Did some riding on the trails out there, but so much of it is wilderness and we all know what that means, no bikes. I am feeling better on the bike, still not putting in the huge miles or hours, but more and more consistnet miles and hours each week. so that is a positive thing. This weekend will be a good test for me as we are planning to go ride the Sun Top trial, lots of climbing and then the next day the Ranger Creek trial, lots of climbing, all from the same camp. good times. about 20-30 miles a day with 4000 feet of climbing each day. this will be a test for me right now. old me would do it all in a day, recovering me will take it a little slower than that. We plan to explore a bit to see aobut connecting the crystal mountain loop in to it. The tripple crown of route 410, here in washington.
well all the fixie riders are out of the GDR, I was really looking forward to seeing them all cross the finish line, but alas, maybe next year some one will do it. Just showing up at the line on a fixed gear is amazing enough. Kent is putting on a ride for Dave Nice to raise money, I am hoping to have the monster cross bike built up and ready to ride that day, it is on the 30th of July, i hope that day is free, or I will have to clear it so that I can participate.

I hope that Rich and his teammate get in to the Trans Rockies. checkout racefaces site.

Get Cranked mag in your town. This is a local mag put out by some cool cats. You should get it in your town, or shop, or damn just get it.

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