Tuesday, June 27, 2006

lots on my plate.,....

It may be some kind of blessing in disquise that i have not been able, due mostly to life circimstances at the moment, read that I just moved, changed jobs, and have a house that I am trying to sell, that I have not been able to race this year. I am trying on a new hat, that everything happens for a reason. I got ill for a reason, it is supposed to teach me something, when I learn the lesson I will be able to move on, and maybe just maybe it will make me a stronger, better person, cyclist, human being. So each day I am looking for the silver lining, I hate to be that guy that used to be fast, used to be strong, used to be, I dont want to live in the past. Certainly all those experiences have helped me to grow and change and have been good, and are still part of who I am, but now I am who I am. I get to commute to work on a bike, that rocks. I dont get to mountain bike like I used to, but I am working on getting two or three mountain rides a week in, so far it has been about one. Last weekend the weather broke here, it was beautiful, what did I do, flew to reno on no sleep and cleaned my house up to get it ready to sell. Lots of work, but I did get to see the lake tahoe, some friends and eat the best sushi on the planet at Hiro's sushi in Kings Beach. silver lining. MInd you life is all about perspective and perception. I tend to see myself as less than right now when in some ways I am more than i was before, just in a different arena. I am not the mutant singlespeeder at the races, but I am coming back and I will rise agian, I am making plans, loose one for next year, and some for later this year, lets see what happens. I would like to do one tour, a couple big races, 100 milers, I would really like to get to Boris' 12 hour race. So I am coming back ever so slowly. I feel better on the bike, but I am also a bit more flexible in the training, and listen a bit better to the body for now at least. so there you have it, my brain fart of the day.

In other news I am feeling a bit sad today, Dave Nice aka Cellarrat, is out to the GDR his bike was stolen while he slept along side the road. I can not imagine how that must feel. Dave my heart goes out to you. there are a lot of people on your side and you will be rolling agian. Scott Taylor at a bike shop in Denver has set up a paypal account for those wanting to donate to get dave back and rolling. Lets show him we all care about him. Lets all be family, like we are. Those who ride should show a kinship. I found myself putting limits on it i.e those that have done a 24 hr race or this or that, but those who ride are part of a family. so those wanting to give should paypal money, any amount will help to scott@salvagetti.com

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