Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In theory....

I should be able to post more. But life takes over and I even have trouble getting an email off to old friends. Some may say I need to learn to manage my time, but after being sick I have a new found appreciation for doing things in their time. Some things just take longer than you wish they did, but then again perfection is not possible. Or is it? Does it really matter, imperfect may be perfect. Well I wont bore you with that babble of new age nonsense. New age or not things just happen when they happen and that has to be good enough. Dream and figure out the details later. Or maybe the dream is just good enough. There I go getting all new age again. Or is it just matter of fact. Ring a bell Pete. Peter Peter the...... Well those that were there can finish the rest of that sentence, or should I say adult nursery rhyme. I'll give you a hint think one with the natural order of things. Good times. So enough with the inside jokes.
My dad and step mom are in town.

Raam is about over, and the great divide race is about to happen. Good luck to Dave, matt and rudi, representing the fixed side off life. The build is in effect just trying to get all the right parts here. The color is exactly what I asked for. Wade really is the man, I can not wait to get out and hit the trials fixed. I am concerned that I will spend too much intimate trail time, i.e face in the roots, dirt, mud or what have you. And how will my body hold up over the miles, more so how bout the legs.

On the health front I am feeling better, and better, but still not whole. I almost said better, but that wouldn't have made a lot of sense. Here I go again. When ever I say that phrase"here I go again" I cant help but being reminded of Whitesnake, a car and a red head in white wrything around on the hood of a car. Yes I am feeling my age right now a victim of growing up in the 80's. "on my own goin down the only road I've ever known, like a twister I was born to walk alone, I made..... So I am riding more, and more miles, thank god for Whitesnake, not really, it reminds me of being on an endless climb with a wander mind and having that filling it urging me on faster and faster in an attempt to make it hurt so bad I forget about the stupid sound loop that I am playing in my mind. Oh I have spent many hours with Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train in my head, and I cant say I always enjoyed it. I have played whole albums in my head during a race before. Its tolerable in a race, but in real life at work it can push me over the edge. Back to the world

so hopefully the off road fixie, I haven't yet named her, with be internet ready here in about 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay. I know you are all just holding your breath in anticipation. Well don't. I hope everyone finds the humor in that sentence and doesn't label me some kind of ego maniac.

So family is the theme this week, my parents are here, keiths parents are here. I am told father levitt went down on the road and has some battle scars. Heal up, heal up.

I rode trails again rigid and am thinking about staying that way for awhile. cialis really works. haha, rigid is simple, roots hurt and line selection is key. I imagine if I get really accustomed to it going back to a suspension fork will only increase the fun. Its all about skill building. So I have more energy and am dreaming of racing again, but probably not until next year, I don't want to rush anything, and only then for pure shits and giggles.

Looks like Rich of team dicky had a rough weekend, next time my man, next time.
so the weather looks to be getting better and soon I am hoping that life will stop taking over and I will have time to really get out and ride and recover. Patience it never has been my strong point

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