Monday, June 05, 2006

Monster cross history...

This is my brief understanding of what a monster cross bike is: a bike that accomadates up to 44 or 45 cc tires, on 700 rims, usually has drop bars, can be geared, single or fixed, but for the most part is of the one speed variety. The term was coined by wade as far as I know as a way to talk to costomers about what they were asking for and to have a common ground for discussion, with them. Here is a link to an mtbr fourm talking about it:

As for the story of mine and how it came to be. I ordered a bike from wade, the skull bike, just over two years ago, a 29er single. I was hooked on the vulture, best ride I have ever had. Wade really works some magic. At the time I wanted to help promote Vulture cycles, to help spread the gospel, but there existed no merchendise to do so. I took it upon myself to help a brotha out, I had shop jackets, hats and socks made for wade and vulture, with Jessica, wades woman, we had wool jersey made recently, so it is coming together. Wade wanted to show his appreciation so he presented me with a frame of his choosing, a monster cross frame with no rear brake boss and a front disc brake. I am forever greatful, and eager await getting it back and built up so I can take an off road fixie ride.
My health not being what I wish it was will keep those trips relatively short for the time being, but I think that it will be another great way to enjoy the trails, and challanging at the same time. I have yet to get the parts totally down, but I am going to keep it simple. It is probably only a few short weeks until I get to have a ride report for everyone. I need to get out and enjoy the local trails soon. Life has been happening and keeping me from getting out as much as I would like, but sometimes thats just the way it is.
As far as the post about irony it was just an observation, as are many things posted on this blog, it is a way for me to put things in perspective, sometimes my writing is my thoughts as they come out, I sure do wish that all my parents ability to write had been passed down and I could put thoughts to paper or in this case thoughts to screen in a more artistic manner, but then again this is practice to becoming a better writer, it is fun, it will be fun to look back on. Memories. All the hats we wear throughout life, all the experiences life is so dynamic, and I have these great thoughts and ideas and sometimes I hit the mark and can express them and other times what I imagine things and ideas to sound like is nothing like what they come out like. Life is not a spectator sport. sorry for all the cliches. Irony exists, and what was said the other day was just half a thought, and as dave nice said we do have to pay for tires and bike parts that were shipped half way around the globe, and like he said, beign aware is more than most people are doing, it is a starting point. as always keep pedaling.


Dicky said...

Be careful with the off-road fixie thing. It is addictive as hell, assuming you really want to be addicted to hell.

Clark Schaffer said...

My mind is cluttered with gears. Just before turning fifty this year I got a road bike. Did the MS150, then got a cyclocross, mountain, then urban bike. Looking at a 29er SS and converting my Tricross to a monster with fire cross 45's. This geezer hopes to get enlightened and strong enough to go SS complete. Simplicity is my desire.