Wednesday, June 07, 2006


that was yesterday. I had a great day, while enjoying the Supersuckers live I heard the greatest thing about the whole 6/6/06 thing he was talking about telling his mother about the day this and that and she said "its just stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. it like the easter bunny, santa claus and all that, and if it werent for that stupid movie the omen(the first one) no one would even know about 666." I had a good chuckle and just thought I would share that little moment with you.

So yesterday I participated in an alleycat race, in the daylight this time, with two stops, I did better but made some navigation errors. I really dont care how fast you are if someone can plan a better faster route than you they will win, that is unless you take the same route. I am still new to this city and the checkpoints are not always the easiest for me to find. That said this is how it all went down. The race was to start at 6pm at 666 stewart st. a fiction address. As riders started to appear from traffic we moved to a near by park, those that knew the promoters call them and they eventually showed up. 6 dollars was paid, and we were given 3 tickets, one for a beer, one for a hotdog and the other a raffle ticket, that was for a PBR bike. We crossed the street to a parking lot the 1st checkpoint was announced and we were off to Mobius Cycles. This is where the fun begins, just after 6 in downtown traffic we tore off, splitting lanes, running red lights, as you can imagine when 45 riders take off at once headed to the same place just a short jaunt away mahem is the order of the day. Not havign been to mobius I hung back a bit and followed we made it there in no time, ran up two flights of stairs, did a shot of the nastiest burbon ever, got a cd, and back to the bikes with the next checkpoint, where 520 and the arbortetum meet. Here is where I made a slight navigation error, avoidign climbing up and over to Madison I went towards the udistrict and around, slight navigation error. More running of red lights and going all out. I was aboard the fixie so top speed was a little limited but not much. Arboretum, bridge to no where, chug a rainer, grab a doll part and off to the Summit ale house. Not know where that was I mad the biggest error of the day and went all the way up to the top of Captial Hill instead of around it and up the other side. I ended up 6th, the winner, VT SEth was get this on a BMX bike. 36x12 gearing, but none the less on a bmx bike. oh the shame. AFter that I waited around, met the cadence clothing guy and then went off to the supersuckers and Zeke show. good times were had by all. Cant wait to do another.

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