Tuesday, July 25, 2006

so i about too..

go on a rant, cycling related but not really. Those of us that ride for pleasure should also ride for utilitarian reasons as well. I have been wanting to see Al Gore's movie and titled An Inconvient Truth for awhile now. Sunday I had the pleasure of doing so. I consider myself quite aware of global warming and its issues, and I learned and was inspired by this movie. Inspired to get involved in any way that I can. Global warming is a touchy subject, there are those who say "it doesn't matter, it is all twisting of fact, we are not doing damage" and there are those that say " it is too late to do anything, so why bother." I think that we are at a very critical time, that things are going to change, we are quite possibly change the way we live. America has a great opportunity to stand up and make an example out of itself, if the government wont do it then the people will have to do what the government is unwilling to do. I could go on and on. Do yourselves a favor, see the movie, especially those of you out there that think we as americans can continue to live as we do for the remainder of time. Please do yourselves and your fellow americans a favor, go and see this film. Check out this site as well.
Swobo is going to be making bikes.
Cadence clothing is in the process of getting jeans made. Dustin is also putting out some great one of a kind clothing. I had the pleasure of hanging out with him on friday for a few hours, watching him do tricks on his fixie, like one foot over the bar skids, reverse circles, well you get the picture.
I have been tossing around my own t shirt ideas and some other stuff, i have been getting parts ready for the monster cross bike. Brandon , www.trackdaddy.blogspot.com , wants to put on and endurance race here in washington, I would love to see this happen and have offered my assistance,etc.
we should all give thanks for having cycling in our lives, it is a great honor to be in your ranks. Cycling has brought me friends, like skateboarding did years ago, before skateboarding got so big that we as skaters didn't instanly bond. I get that bond now from cycling. I think that we as cyclist should feel connected just because we ride. I sometimes feel that we dont feel this bond, as I get snuffed by riders, but I consider them the unlucky ones and choose to focus on people like Dustin and Micheal and Justin and all the others I have met that are instantly brothers. This is my message to you. be a brother or sister to all those on bikes, bikes are part of the next revloution. as always keep pedaling.


Brandon said...

Thanks Nat for the mention and the link! My cycling team AVA/Counterbalnce Bicycles Racing is in the process of planning an Indoor 500m Time Trial roller race Aug 20th spread the word to your bike peeps!! www.avacbbracing.com We should get every one interested in the Endurance Race idea together in the next month or so and get some ideas on the table and network also talk to Eamon over at Elliot Bay bicycles he is VERY interested!! Thanks!

fatmarc said...

very nicely done.

I agree with the brotherhood part of it. Single Speeders are even more akin in my opinion, but mtbrs in general are a pretty awesome tribe. sad and demented, but social. I feel bad for those that miss out on the bonding, that's such a big aspect of this game.


Keasty said...

Hey, have you clicked onto DROPPING KNOWLEDGE site yet? You would find it interesting.
I'll keep an eye out for the movie you mentioned.
We get to Seattle Wed, stay at Travelodge and fly to Toronto Thurs morn. Sorry I won't meet you.

Tim Parr said...


Hey I got your note and your ticket stubs from "An Inconvenient Truth". Thanks for sending those (and giving us a mention here), and yeah, we'll squeeze you into the group of people who sent us their stubs for the knicker discount. No worries. One thing though....we need your shipping address and email address. Can you email those to me at tim@swobo.com?
Many thanks....

Tim Parr