Thursday, July 20, 2006

so i dont really have and excuse...

for not posting in a while, other than the fact that I have been lazy in updating my blog. that and I havent been feeling very creative, still trying to get the creative jucies flowing. Pictures would be nice, but I just cant seem to remember to take them. that and I fear falling on my camera. I dont fall, crash all that often, but it would only be appropriate if when I brought a camera a major crash insued. call me paranoid or supersitious or just plain crazy. that was established quite some time ago.

the tour has been and interesting one this year. what happened to floyd yesterday, was nice while it lasted to think that a former american mountain biker would get the yellow, and prove that there are other great american cyclist other than lance armstrong. I admit it has been fun to watch the tour without knowing that lance has a strangle hold on the competition.

I have been riding and plan to race here this weekend, I think, the weather is supposed to be miserable hot and my race starts at 2 pm, great time of day for me, due to the fact that I am not a morning person, but really hot time of day as well. I put in a good effort yesterday on the mountain bike and felt moteratly strong, I am a little sluggish today, but then again I am still waking up. I am pretty excited about racing again, just for the fun of it. I am sure the competative bones in my body will rise to the surface, but I am just going out to have a good time and enjoy the course. I will probably race it rigid, but I may throw the suspension fork on if, well just if I feel the need. that or just back out on racing it rigid. I am tossing around the idea of racing the 24 of moab, but it is still very tenative at the moment.

Dicky won, that is so rad, it would be great if he could post after every stage, rich make your mark brother. I love his blog, it is always a hoot to read.

so that is the update, the monster cross parts are being purchased this week, and it should be rolling real soon. pic as soon as I get it built up. I am stoked. thanks again wade. as always keep pedaling.

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Cellarrat said...

Dicky's is always a good read! I'll be playinfg wrench and support for a friend at 24 hr moab so if you need anything......

not too much of a fan of riding in cirlces here but if go good luck.