Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am feeling the itch

I am feeling the itch, however slight it may be, to race again. Not to be the fastest guy out there, because I can tell you in a long endurance race I would suffer. wow, thats a news flash, I mean everone suffers, but I would be in the pain prison at a lower level than I was used to. I think. That is why I am getting the urge to race a 24 hr race solo or a 100 miler this year perhaps. I just got back from Northern Idaho, where I had the pleasure of riding some sweet singletrack. Each day I rode about 15 to 20 miles of dirt in about an 1 1/2 with 2500 vertical gain. I had the pleasure of riding with Matt C. Who I knew from racing. He used to live in Auburn, but now lives in Idaho. It was great to ride trails with him. The first day his hub exploded on him, forcing him to walk it back to the car. We heard this creaking noise and simaltaneouly both said "that doesn't sound good" and then he went ass over tea kettle. He completely destroyed the bearing in his American Classic hub. We were about 2 miles in to the ride, so I continued up while he went back to the cars. Matt is an amazing rider. Wish we lived a little closer so that we could feed off each others energy and push each other to ride harder. The next day we met up agian to do another ride that was pretty brutal for how short it was. a 7 mile 2500 ft climb, 3 1/2 on singletrack which was the bulk of the climb, then a fast descent for 2/3 of the way down followed by a insanly technical high consecence section. All the single track I rode in idaho was ribbon thin, never more than eight inches wide. It was amazing. I wished I had more time to do more rides there, but alas I had to go back to work and the real world.
Back to the racing, if not this year definatly next year. I would like to do the Wilderness 101 and the Shennendoah 100. The Creampuff, is at new area this year so that is on the list. I need to get back to park city to do the e100 again, or at least see boris. This year has been very unstructured and focusing on recovery, I am still a little hesitant to push it too soon, as "the illness" is lingering, but seems to be on its way out. My focus will be fun fun fun, I need to get in more dirt riding longer distances to see how the body feels after it, I will also be putting in more road miles, in fact I am going to go and get in about 50 as soon as i am done with this post. Life is about to get hectic for a bit here, work will be taking over, but i have some good brakes coming up in mid september.
Speaking of mid september, I am going to be getting back to tahoe, where the altitude will hurt me and riding with an old friend and racing partner. I just got an email from him, Keith and I havn't talked in awhile, but I was overjoyed that he contacted me out of the blue to see what I was up to. He seems to be doing real well now, he is sking again and has a new found balance and acceptance of it all it seems. I cant wait to see him and chase him around some loops he has up in tahoe.
I pick the wrong person to get parts from for the offroad fixie, he is taking his sweet time, I am trying to be patient, but it is not so easy, hopefully two weeks, I knwo I keep saying that, but this is the way it sometimes happen when you dont plan ahead well. that and the fact that I am paying two mortages is sucking my dry and making it hard to find the money. So there you have it. Sunday I think I am going to explore in the 410 area again, and see how many miles I can put in. as always keep pedaling.


Cellarrat said...


Glad you seem to be finding a balance.

paddy said...

glad to hear your back in the saddle dude