Wednesday, August 30, 2006

well it sure has been crazy....

I have been busy. started a new job just a part time one waiting tables again. Man I really like it much better behind the bar, then out on the battle lines.

The monster crosser is coming together, finally. She should be ride worthy next week I am hoping. I will have pics sooner than later, like the one of my new tattoo, i know I promised these awhile ago, but better late than never. that sure has been the motto of my year. better late than never. It seems that i will never race again, life just seems to take over sometimes and take a direction of its own. Not to say that I have not been on the bike, just not that far from home. I think that i will be doing some cross racing, ala fixed, once that thing is up and running and I have some miles under my belt. fixed off road, I am excited. If not a bit intimidated. My friend Matt came to town we got a ride in at tiger mountain, good times. I still need to get out to Kachess ridge, maybe sunday. anyone out there in.

My upcoming weekends are loaded full of things. My brother comes out and i get to take him to Vancouver, maybe I will get a ride in. The weekend after that it is off to tahoe for a wedding. I plan on getting one good ride in at least while I am back there.

congrats are in order for my friend Gregg, he ripped it up at this years E100. congrats stubbie coming in in 11 hrs and 50 some odd mins.

Rich Dillen, my hero, has legs and the mental capacity to suffer and suffer and not back down. Trans Rockies, e100 and now the Shenendoah 100. Rich you are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up.

Lately I have just been getting my commute miles in about 20 to 30 a day, 30 being at the high end of what i have been doing lately. soon i will be adding longer rides in on the weekends I hope, i want to be fit again. Next year is looking like I will focus on 3 to 5 races and that is it, maybe a few shorter distance ones, but mostly the longer ones, especially once the season gets going, I would like to do a couple of rides with the Randoneers, but we shall see what next year has in store for me.

Enough rambling, it is time to get going, pics of the monster crosser coming soon. later and as always keep pedaling

ON second thought last night was a meeting put on with the city about the planned bike improvement, they are actively tring to get more people to ride bikes for not just commuting but for trips to the store and such,errands ya know. So they held a meeting to get imput from cyclists about what they wanted to see. Turns out Seattle is quite the bike city, although we still have a long way to go but in perspective we are doing quite will. I will have a link up for those here in seattle to go and fill out a survey if they so desire. I urge you to do it. Bikes start a revolution one pedal stroke at a time. do it.

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Nice....I want some wings too:) Mind if I gallery that one??