Friday, August 18, 2006

and sometimes....

I post twice in one day. This is a short one thou. Check this out fixed impressions, and after listen to this. My friend the Gonterian, who when I get back to VT I plan on hooking up with and riding is doing some cool stuff. I have never met the man himself in person, we have a mutual friend the Vulture, I look forward to meeting him, when we are geographically in the same spot at one time. No pics of the tattoo yet, cant find the cord to connect the camera to the computer. This is what happens when you have one camera that two people share. Soon I promise. After watching the Gonterian video i really need to get my monster cross bike up and running. Should have gone with the gut feeling I had about the person getting me the parts. Well I am thru waiting and planning on getting the final parts as soon as possible. I really want to ride that thing off road, sooner than later. So check the video out, I think it rocked. I am already for more. keep pedaling.

Check out some more fixie footage, this is of the street variety, go to cadence clothing and check the video section out. I like it. Black and white. I cant wait to see Mashsf.

And coming in a bit a movie about 24 hr racing done by the Off Road to Athens guys and Gripped films. I get the link here in a bit.

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Cellarrat said...

You well fall in much love with your monster cross I'm guessing