Friday, August 04, 2006

Dead Baby Downhill

Today is the day. The Dead Babies are a local bike club and they put on a totally illegal rece today and an after party that I am told is not to miss, lots of beer, tall bike jousting, and an all girl bicycle cheer group from Portland called the Sprockettes. ala the Rockettes. I have heard that there will be bicycle powered amusment rides, this should be one hell of a night. I took the night off just for the occasion, after all we only do live once and this is going to be a blast, who needs work anyways, I always say that it sure is over rated this work stuff that we have to do as part of life. So my day is going to be interesting. Keith and I are riding over, he is unsure if he will race, what could be better than a downhill race through the streets with lots and lots of other people on a fixie. Insane, I think not. Sure I am rambling right now, but what else is one to do when they have all the words so eloquently situated,but when they are put to paper they dont sound like they did in my head, what is that all about. After all I am a genius in my own mind, just ask me. I hope you are laughing now, cause I am. But I digress....
So this movie looks interesting. I meet some of the Black Label guys in Reno a few years back, they really know how to put on a party. Make sure to check out the trailer. It is worth watching. With all these films about the underground coming out Klunkerz, mashsf , there are more, but they are escaping my overcrowded mind right now. I feel the need to make one about singlespeeding, I would love to make a film about the lives and the backgournd on singlespeeds, history, the worlds, endurance racing. It would be fun. Now I have no background in film, nor do I have funds right now, but I just might get a wild hair, and try to start compiling footage next year. I sure an rambling right now. Throw your ideas out.
Nick Martins site has a interview with Chris E of National and World Solo fame.
I am going for a good mountain bike ride this weekend, again in the 410 area, I would love to put a race on in this area and am exploring all the possible options, slowly, but I am getting to know the area off 410 quite well these days.
That is all for now, time to drink some more coffee, and then run errands so that I can be free this evening of all worldly attachments, living in the moment. I again had this urge today to race again, long, punishing to feel that satisfaction of finishing, to get back in the saddle. I learn so much about myself while suffering, that I crave it like a drug, it has a very calming effect, I miss it. Another idea, shirts with a picute of a bike that says my drug. Probably already exists somewhere, but I could make my own, that is when I learn to silkscreen. I am learning to sew soon, taking a class. as alway keep pedaling.

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Squirrel said...

"My Drug of Choise"....a good shirt yes:) So how'd the party go>>