Friday, August 18, 2006

why is it so hard to post regularly

It's funny, I never seem to post as much as I would like. It seems to be a blogger symptom. Life happens and regular posting is a thing of the past. There always seems to be so much going on. So many variables and situations. To make an analogy, its like juggling, when you only have a couple balls in the air not so hard, but when you have a couple balls, some chainsaws, and a knife or two up in the air it gets a little tougher. Then there are those tasks that take time and energy and at the end of it all the only thing you have to show is a better outlook on life, that is if you are lucky. It seems to me that we all live in our own interpertations of the world and we take them out on each other. It really is and individual experience of the world in which we live. Trying not to take it all personally is really a challange at times. So there you have it, hope it make sense. Now to what has been going on.

Last saturday was the Vibrator out on Vashon Island. I had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be. Originally it was supposed to be the 3 of us. Me, Pete and Keith. You all remember Keith, the directional challanged one, well last weekend he was gimpy. His ankle which he messed up while walking in a parking lot, sober as the day he was born, still is bothering him. Now that a story worth telling to those around you. Reminds me of a friend who had to tell us all he broke a rib while in the shower, he slipped, that was the long and the short of that one. So it was Pete and I, we rushed to make the ferry, and litterally made it by being the last ones on, we bought our tickets at 12:50 for the 12:50 ferry, good on us. Got to Vashon hung out with the group, started the informal time trial, but missed a turn so we just cranked it out and went to the campground. The Vibrator is an off road time trial of sorts, informal in nature. I was supposed to be back to go to a pot luck, had the race gone off on schedule it would have been no problem, but it started a little late. Pete and I pre rode the course, which was rolling and super fun. We each had a few PBR's before the race, and then were off in 2 min intervals, then one min and finally 30 second intervals. I rode well, on the Vulture, she had wings that day. I think I had the fastest time, and Pete had an excellent ride, finishing on a flat. we left before the results were finalized. Made the ferry, got home and then went to eat by myself. sure was glad I rushed home.

Wednesday, Brady was in town for the Tattoo convention, so I got some new ink. Hope to have a pic up soon.

This weekend I am going to hopefully go out and do a big ride off 410. Hopefully the Cascade Triple Crown. If it all works I will have a gps unit and google earth of it up next week. thats me. September is filling up with too many events. A friends Wedding, my brother is coming out and I am taking him to school in Vancouver, Danielle's sister is going to school in Vancouver as well so I think that we are taking her up to school too. So there you have it. Life happening. Keep pedaling.

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