Wednesday, December 29, 2004

snow and inactivity

Well today was supposed to be another fun filled ride in Auburn, but mother nature in the form of snow over Donner Pass has put that plan to rest. Other than that I have ridden the bike once in the last 15 days for an hour and not done much in the way of exersise at all. I have come to terms with it though and am no longer beating myself up over not riding. I am going to the doctor, the ear nose and throat doctor tommarrow because I have been off and on ill for the last 2 months and the swollen glands in my throat will just not go away. Inactivity is difficult, but I figure I would rather be off the bike now than later in the season. It is a good time of year to be mellow. I have also been dealing with the christmas new years crowds at the restarant, oh what fun, the pocket book loves me, but the mind is a taking some heat and under pressure so to speak. They are not always in the Holiday spirit so to speak.
When I rode the fixie the other day I felt great, my legs were super powerful. I always seem to get in a blue mood this time of year, but I think the illness is adding to my lack of motivation. I am motivated to suceed next year and taking this as a learning experience and embracing doing nothing. I was going to go for a little ride today after the Auburn ride was cancelled but the snow is falling pretty heavy right now and I dont think that exacerbating the situation and pushing myself is necessary right now. There is plenty of season ahead.

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