Sunday, January 02, 2005

sick, snow and believing

So Reno is under more snow than it has been in 15 years, there is about 3 feet of snow in my yard. I moved here to get out of the large snows. So it has basically paralyzed the city, they just dont have that kind of snow management system. I think they have somewhere in the vicinity of 18 plows for the whole city, of which 3 are broken and more than half are not equipped to plow this much snow. This makes my 35 mile commute to the restaurant a long one, actually the funniest part about that is Mount Rose is easier to navigate and better plowed than a majority of Reno. Good Times. The skate sking should be good and for someone like me that has trouble controling their urge to rest and not be on the bike it is good, because riding right now would be fun, but all the snow makes it easy to do other things, I actually feel motivated to do other things.
That said I have been sick for awhile now, the glands in my throat have been enlarged and the such, so I finally gave in and went to the ear nose throat guy, well he thinks that it might be mono, this would be bad so bad, but he also didn't say much else other than I need blood work and a cat scan of my sinuses to see what more he can determine. So as of late I have been doing nothing but working and sleeping, lots of sleep because if it truly is mono I have to ride it out there is very little that they can do, I am hoping that is not the case because I want to be healthy and to move on, but I guess I have to stop fighting it and believe that it is all part of the plan and that by giving in and being present in my body I will get through it in a better place. By riding the strom as opossed to fighting the flow my mind and body will rest and at the end of it all I will be ready to attack next season rested and alive in both my body and mind. That is the only position I see fit, because by not fightiing it my mood has lifted mentally and I am feeling a little better, still not great but a little better.

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