Sunday, January 23, 2005

skate sking

I must say that the weather here in Reno with the fog and this nasty inversion layer that we have suckc, and does nothing for the motivation. As you may have guessed by now I am not one of those people with a training schedule that I must stick to. I for my own sanity must have fun that is the number one consideration for me, the racing is also for fun. Of course I want to push the envelope and my physical limits but I am fairly flexible as far as the training goes. That said skate sking is probably the hardest work out I have ever done, it is very fun as well, and since the weather in Truckee is so awsome right now, i.e sunny and in the high 50s, it is where I want to be. Plus this gives my mind a rest from the bike, no worries I will be back on it soon, and most of my errands are still done on the fixie, although it is pretty scary out there, because the snow has yet to melt and due to the inversion there are tons of icy spots to look out for. All you cyclists that live in cold climate should really give skate sking a chance, it is amazing, in the cardio deparment, plus it mixes the training up and will help to avoid burnout. I still have the sickness as I have come to call it now, it just keeps mutating, and nothing gets rid of it, sleep, rest, exersise, nothing matters, now I have green snot and a hacking cough, but I have decided since nothing helps it, I am going to keep riding and skating and attempting to get some form, it is sooooo early that I am not too worried yet, but the sickness does need to leave as I am sick and tired of dealling with it. THats all for now.

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