Thursday, January 06, 2005

skate sking/not sick

My blood tests came back to me yesterday right before work and according to the doc I should be in great health, my body is not fighting off any form of infection. Well is was a relief in one way and scary in another. I can be stubborn, stubborn enough to ignore bodily signs of fatigue. I will not be so foolish in the upcoming year. That said I got up late this morning and decided that I would go to Tahoe Donner for some skate sking, my first such venture of the season as we had very little snow for so long and now we have lots. I had a great time, my body and mind both felt great, I was pressed for time so I only skied for a short time about and hour and 15 mins, I think that I am heading back tommarrow for some more fun in the snow. It was a great change the cold wind on my face, just totally different than anything that I have done recently. I look forward to some more sking here in the coming weeks, it is my plan to not ride my bike for a little while here, or to ride it very sparingly in the upcoming month and to just do some other things, the season is long and I have plenty of time to ride my bike in the upcoming months, plus the snow is great and there is a lot of it here in reno so riding around is a tricky propositon. Tommarrow is my first day off in seven I look forward to relaxing and getting some things in order. More sking, and hopefully some yoga next week. Good times.

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