Thursday, January 20, 2005


I have never experienced this kind of illness in my life, bits and pieces of it, but never such an overriding experience as the one in which I am in right now. I am fighting with god knows what and I hate to sound like a broken record, but I am hating it right now. I would love to be telling you how great I feel and all that I have been doing, but in all honesty I have been here in the house illin, quite literally, NO post for a while because I have not had much to talk about or report, and I hate to keep beating a dead horse. I imagine sometime in the near future here I will get out of this funk and be right back at it, but not right now. I have been working and sleeping and not much else. I hate feeling like this it is the absolute worst, lowest of the low. I am trying to maintain a positive outlook and not to worry about the upcoming season too much, but a racers mind is not always easy to quiet when things are so down. I thought it was overtraining, but I am convinced that I am fighting something, and not just a mental demon, but a very tough physical demon. My throat feels like a cats tounge and I no fun to be around. I am sorry to bore you with details of my illness, but I have not much else to report. The weather here has been so fog laiden and the streets are a mess, no shoulders to ride on anyways. the fog seems to be lifting today, as for the past couple days tahoe and truckee have been warmer than reno, some inversion layer or something. that and today our fearless leader who is hell bent on destroying the planet got sworn in today, god what a depressing thought. Four more years, that just plain hurts. Enough is enough.

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