Thursday, January 27, 2005


I am so relieved right now, my mind and body finally seem like one again, instead of the sickness I feel the goodness. I am currnetly trying to finalize the details of next season. If there is another single speeder out there who would like to compete in the Trans Rockies please contact me, this would be a monumental experience, but well worth all the pain and suffering. That said I am doing the Cream Puff, , the e100 and am seriously considering the Kokopelli race. I dont think that I will do any 24 hrs of adrenalin races, but I do plan on doing 1 or 2 granny gear races, and I think I am going to do the Kona Sleepless in the saddle race. Nuff for now, I have more slush to ride through. My grey Surly steamroller, looks more brown and tan from all the crud on the streets. Ciao for now.

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