Sunday, January 30, 2005

trans rockies

Well it has been a bit since I posted, I have been on the bike and the computer in an effort to round up interest in the trans rockies. There are two guys interested and it seems like it may happen. The big diffuculty as it always has been with trying to do this race is the price of entry, and then all the other expenses that add up along the way. This is a race of a lifetime, and I plan to do everything in my power to make it a reality. Donations anyone? Ideas? Let me know. I will post more when more is finalized. is the website for all those interested.
Rode 50 miles yesterday with Katarina Hunusova of the Luna Chix fame, and my friend Nate Simonson, who is trainig for a bunch of Xterras and has traveled with me to most of the 100 mile races that I have done. We rode out towards Pyramid Lake, beautiful ride, but oohhh so cold. We were a little frozen by the end of the ride. I felt good considering and an going nordic sking today and tommarrow. Not much else to report. Details to come when races become more of a reality. I must say that I wish I were going to Tucson in a few weeks for the 24 hr race.


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