Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Well the fog has lifted a little bit but now a storm is rolling in dropping some nice rain in the area while temps are in the mid thirties. I went to a yoga class the other day, very refreshing I might add, I came out refreshed. I wanted it to be more poses and stretching, but the breathing will help with the cycling. I rode my bike around town the last two days, and felt good, this is very positve for me. Work has been slow and the people have been somewhat real, not all fake as they sometimes can be. MOney does silly things to some people.
Got the new Agnostic Front cd yesterday and hope to get the now Street Dogs album today. Not much else to report, just trying to get it done. Speaking of getting it done, Larry the Cable Guy comes to reno next week, too bad its on a Saturday, those are darn near impossible to get off.

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