Sunday, January 09, 2005


I cant seem to get away from the snow. THis morning when I got up I could see blue sky, that was a nice change, although I got on a plane headed for Seattle for a little hiatis from the snow, and guess what. It snowed here in the city. I cant get away from it. You know what they say if you cant beat them join them. When I return to Reno I plan to ski and enjoy what rarely happens in Reno. Snow. I am getting psyched to get back on the bike, as I am afraid that in my relax and recoup time I have gained some unwanted lbs. Well thank god its only early January, I have plenty of time to get my form back. Well I am going to get my Cream Puff entry in the mail tommarrow, and start to plan the rest of the season. Right now I have my girlfriends crazy dog trying to lick my face. Thats all for now, sorry not more to report. Except that the snow is following me. Ahhhhh.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Don't hate the snow. Adapt man. Use the snow to do power workouts on the sinlgespeed. That's what I do here in Iowa to get in some climbing practice since we lack the elevation.