Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I have been hanging out eating and drinking whatever I want, this is a larger motivator for getting back to the training. Falling out of the training routine helps me to find motivation for the upcoming season. It is like a rededication of sorts. I look forward to the upcoming season and all that it has to offer. I am currently waiting to hear from sponsors for the upcoming season, when I have all the info I will post it here. I am still trying to plan the upcoming seasons races and trying some new and exciting things. I wish that I had my bike with me here in Seattle the weather has been cold, but good i.e not raining or snowing. I had the pleasure of going to POrt Townsend on the Olympic penninsula yesterday, man the riding looks sick, and the town and culture were amazing. Mountains and the ocean, just great. We visited our friends brewery, it was really tasty and had wonderful arciteceture, the bar itself was fantastic, the wood work was very intrecate. I used to work with Mark at the Big Time Brewery here in Seattle, he has done an amazing job with his bar. Good times, and good beer, when and if you are ever in Port Townsend stop by and raise a pint. Well its back to Reno and reality tommarrow, and my rededication to training and the upcoming season. Peace.

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