Tuesday, December 14, 2004

bullards bar and that time of year

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding the Bullards Bar trail, it is very fun, we rode out along the twisting fingers, this trail twists and turns so much with little elevation gain until a little climb at the end to get up to a ridgeline that takes you back to 8 ball and then contiunes to stay high by the rode. I had heard a lot about this trail, and it was fun.
That said, it is the time of year where I am going to spend some time with family and to take a break from the bike. Since last year I have not taken more than four straight days off the bike, I plan to get back on at the begining of next year, my legs, back and mind need to recover a little from a season that was full of big rides and races. Happy Holidays

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Dude! Why to go with the Blog. I have link your blog on my blog. Happy training....did you see Curiak signed up for Trans-Iowa? I gave hime # plate "1" It only seemed fitting.

Rage on bro!