Saturday, December 11, 2004

Auburn is full of fun

I had the pleasure of riding my bike in Auburn with Mr Roger Lackey and had the opportunity to sample some fine single track. Auburn is full of steep decsents and climbs and in our 4 hr ride we did a lot of both. It was super muddy and very wet, probably one of the wettest rides I have been on. Rigid 29er are capable of so much I rolled over everything in sight, no problem, every time I ride this bike I enjoy it more and more, and my worries about it go away. I took some pictures of the bike that I will hopefully post here and on Mtbr. Wade and Derrrick are both amazing and I am very satisfied with my bike, so order one and you to can be rockin a piece of art down the trail.

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Gordon said...

Hey, Nat congrat's on the Vulture. I saw the pic's Roger put up on MTBR. Awesome paintjob! I can't wait to see it at one of the Adrenalin races.

Keep up the good work with the Blog.

Gordon (Tony Smith's Pit Manager)