Tuesday, February 22, 2005

community/small world

When I ride i have all these thoughts about what it is to be alive and what it all means and they all seem to make sense, but when I try to put them on paper a lot of times they dont come out the same, or what it really is, is I cant quite remember how it is I wanted to say what it is I wanted to say. That probably makes no sense what so ever.
As mentioned before when I was in Seattle I rode out to Redmond to see Kent Patterson, and had a very wonderful conversation. That conversation coupled with the trans rockies undertaking, in which I have yet to met my partner face to face, have truly made the world a smaller place. It is interesting observation. As I get more and more in to this sport I am meeting more and more like souls, people on a similar path. We are all connected by our love and passion for the bike. For finding out what is possible and for pushing out limits. Age is unimportant, and as Kent said and I am sure I am paraphrasing a bit here " it becomes more about the passion and the shared ideas than about geography." Rich is located in North Carolina, Kent is in Washington, other people live in the bay area or Vermont or Arizona, oregon. But to me this is so mind opening, it goes along with my post about being mindful, it is helping me to be more and more a part of the world than apart from the world.
I had a very nice conversation with Chris Cosentino the other day, the new dad is doing great. IF anyone is looking to purchase an unridden, single speed airborne 29er he is the man to get ahold of. It is going to be built up sweet and sold for a really good price. Some of the highlights are Jones H Bars, www.jeffjones.com a new wheelset, ti laidback seatpost. If you have any interest let me know and I will let him know.
Well its my day off so I will probably, since I worked so late last night, god bless the holidays, that I missed my yoga class this am, I couldnt seem to wake up and make it all come together in time. So I will be reading, today it is Ghost Rider, by Neal Peart, of Rush. It is a travel book of sorts, about a very rough time in his life and the traveling he goes on in an attempt to cleanse himself. Very interestign so far. He travels by motorcycle, which makes it somewhat parrell, well maybe not, but it is a good read so far. Then another lovely night at work. Last night was busy, but like all nights should be people having a good time, laughing and relaxed, and of course taking care of number 1, me. Ha ha ha

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