Sunday, February 27, 2005

the last couple daze

Daze, that is exactly what it has been for me. I had planned to complete a larger ride on Thursday, but woke up in a haze, utterly exhausted. After 6 nights of work in a row, and not a one of them even close to being easy, I was at the end of my mental rope. It was ski and skate week where all the schools in California have vacations, so they all migrate from the city to the lake so it is a virtual myriad of SUV's and children everywhere. I swear people leave their brains and manners at home when they go on vacation, I hope to not be guilty of this myself, please help me if I do. So needless to say I was a wreak, so I did a few errands on the fixie seeing if the mood would strike and it definatly did not. So I had good conversations with my girlfriend over the phone while I enjoyed lunch and a mid afternoon beer. That night I picked up my Ritchey wool trainer and my breakaway frame set, I was able to unbox it and put it together in under 30 mins, if I,the not so mechanically inclined soul, can do this it must be easy. That night I enjoyed a movie, riding giants, about the history of big wave surfing and went to bed. What a day.
The next day I did what was supposed to be an easy ride, my friend Scott Fifield calls all his rides easy and he proceeds to drop the hammer. Which he did, so me on my fixie spinning like mad or grinding up a steep slope, 2 1/2 hours of fun. My legs were a little sore so on the communte to work I gave my legs a little self massage, and boy did it work wonders. Work was not that bad, but I did have the slowest section and was on my way home at a decsent hour. I hoped to be feeling better the next day becasue I wanted a 4 hr ride to be part of the day.
Saturday woke up and was ready to rock. My legs felt great and off we went in to the overcast day. We did a bunch of climbing on our way to Gieger Grade, one of the local training climbs. Geiger Grade is approx 7 miles and 1400 ft of climbing, steeper at the ends than in the middle. I was feeling good so I hit it pretty hard and completed it in 37 min, not earth shattering fast, supposedly Greg Lemond did it in 27 mins in his prime, and the fastest roadies here hit it in about 33 or 34 mins, but for this time of year I was happy. It started to get cold but we forged on and did the Lousetown? loop that ends with a short steep climb that I have named the peanut butter climb, because my legs always feel like peanut butter when I climb it, it was also in the shade so it was really cold. Then down and home, barely making it home in time to shower and head back out the door to work. OH boy. We got pretty slammed at work and I was ready for it to be over at about 7 but no dice, I was on my way home at 11:15, not too bad for a saturday. I thought my legs would be shattered today, but I think I will put in a hour today to spin the legs out, nothing more. All in all it has been action packed. My next day off work is Wednesday, where i hope to get in 3 to 5 hours on the single speed outside of Nevada City, on the other side of Donner summit down in California. Later

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