Friday, February 04, 2005


Well I sure would like to make this more interesting, but I haven't had that much interesting go one lately, just the everyday grind sort of stuff. Trying to stay healthy in the restaurant business this time of year is ever challanging and the vitamin regiment has been high and offten. Lots of Emergen C this stuff is great, I even take the one with chondriotin and glucosamine, I know I butchered that one. I am just gearing up to go nordic ski and then another fun filled night at the restaurant. Tommarrow we plan on a big ride and then sunday is a bike superbowl party, good times. As far as the restarant business goes my mom sent me an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times, I don't agree with it totally, but it had links to some interesting sites, , just to name a couple, in the high stress waiter world where nothing is in your control, but you are resposible for everything people need to find a way to let go, other than going out and pounding drinks at the local watering hole, and these seem to provide space for that. I must say not all of us have the outlook on the websites, but most of us can certainly identify with what they are saying. Anyone who deals with the public has similar stories but for some reason when people go out to dinner they seem to leave their brains and a lot of them seem to leave their respect for others at home. I could recite many stories that most people would gasp at in just the short 5 year period in which I have waited tables. YOu are treated like a servant by some, bartenders on the other hand are defended, they have the power of the drink, I cant imagine why people would insult someone who is about to bring your food, not that I would ever do anything, but fuck, do you really want to take that chance. I believe in karma, so what goes around comes around and the world will take care of it for us. Sorry for the rant, I'm off to ski, to keep my santity so I dont have to rant so much about these things.

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