Saturday, February 12, 2005

humble pie

I like the phrase we all need a little hmble pie, i.e getting our asses kicked when we think that we are really in a good place. I like this in the phyicaly arena beacuse it give you something to shoot for, it inspires us to push harder, train harder, be more dedicated to our goals. Any goal the more focus and intensity at which you approach it will directly relate to the outcome. The old energy in energy out kind of phylosophy. Everytime I feel myself getting high and mighty a slice of humble pie is just the cure,then I am brought back to earth and again start to dedicate and attack. It gives you a time to rethink, evaluate, it is a sort of refreshing do over. It is lifes way of asking you to reconsider, to be humble, to be human. So here is to Humble Pie, and when you get a slice dont get upset use it as motivation and focus. Be human be real, because when you stop doing this usually life will give you a slice of the pie. Thats alll for today. I have been exersising so much that today it a scheduled day off, just housework and then off to work for the joys of Saturday night. If I dont get off to late I am heading to a friends birthday party, it should be a good one, by the time I get there everyone will be beyond so it should be an interesting study. Have a goood one.

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