Monday, February 14, 2005

graphics soon

I hope with the help of Jeff Kerkove over at Kerkove Media, that soon I will have some tasty graphics for you all to look over, to spruce up the old blog. I know it is kind of bland looking right now, but I have some plans that will hopefully be to everyones liking, and if you dont like them, well hay I tried and we are all entitled to our opionions. I have seen this mans work and it is all good. I am excited about what it will look like. I hope to have a list of links to other sites that I like and other racers pages etc. I hope the racing blog sites continue to grow. It is an interesting experience to write your life down for others to read and comment on. Make every day a new day and always strive to make it interesting, I hope.
I just put in a huge week on the bike and skis, not much rest considering the resturant was busy all week and I was up till the early morning hours, little sleep for little old me. I went for a 60 miler yesterday with a bunch of climbing, I would have like to go longer but the monster we all call work got in the way again. Nuff said. I am just going to ride to the bank and back today as due to another holiday that we all call Valentines Day I have to be a work way early so I can get ready to deal with all that goes down, taste the pre fixed menu and drink lots of coffee. Not to say that I dont like the holiday it is just another way to keep us buying things for our loved ones that isnt really necessary, people get all twisted around the idea that things have to be a certain way, I've got an idea, how bout we all celebrate valentines day the day after the official holiday that way you can get roses, I mean lots of roses at a discounted price and use the left over money to do something fun with your lover, not stress, just tell her you are looking out for her and that from now on you will celebrate the day after the holiday. More bang for your buck. If you get my drift. Well enough on that subject I have a very short ride to take, then a couple days off, as i am going to seattle to spend time with my better half. I plan to do some riding while up there, but I put in a huge 3 weeks and now it is time to rest and relax a bit. I might post while up there if I am struck with the interest, if not I'll be back on Saturday. Man it sure is good to get away for a bit. Then I come back to the crowds of Presidents Day weekend, makes me wish I were going to Tucson for the race. THat Old Peublo race is a fun one. later

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Dude! I am still up for giving your blog a bit of flavor. Shoot me an e-mail late next week.