Thursday, February 03, 2005


Well training is in full swing. Today was a day of rest, well sort of, today all I did was ride to the coffee shop and then to my get my hippie on at yoga class. I have found that even though I have only gone to four classes the breathing exersises really pay off. I can already notice a difference. So I imagine I will keep going. But I am so unflexible that it is not even funny, well I bet it is really funny to others. I will keep going no matter what.
Yesterday was a good day I rode about 60 miles with a bunch of climbing, I went to the top of Geiger Grade, a local climb. The descent was cold, by the time I got to the bottom my feet were ice blocks, and I still had 20 miles to go. I got home and thawed out, the shower burn is what I call it. Not much else to report here, just working towards putting it all together.

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