Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well I have some sponsorship info. Ritchey, www.ritcheylogic.com will be helping me out this year. I look forward to riding their products. They are based here in Reno which makes it quite convenient. Due to the fact that my girlfriend currently resides in Seattle, I believe that a break away frame is the order of the day. Ritchey also has some nice Wool trainers that i would like to get me hands on.
Speaking of wool products, ibex www.ibexwear.com will be helping me out as well, they are a Vermont based companty that specializes in wool products of all kinds. I love wool and all that it does for me and they are putting it out in some creative ways.
Crankbrothers, www.crankbrothers will be the platform under the shoes, I have ridden these pedals pretty much since their inception and love them. That is all for now. I am excited about the upcoming season and look forward to all the races.
Superfeet, www.superfeet.com is taking care of my feet, these footbeds rock, if you have never tried them out you should, they make a huge difference in foot comfort which makes a difference over the long haul. These are invaluable. Check em out.
E-Caps/Hammer Nutrition www.e-caps.com is taking care of all my recover needs. I love the Recoverite, it is magic, the mito r caps and supreme caps are awsome as well. Sustained energy, Perpetum, Heed, all they products are too long to list, but they work.
I think that the first race of the season will be the Cool Classic. Hope to see you there.

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Kent Peterson said...

Hey Nat,

I'm glad to see you've got some sponsors lined up. Most of my sponsorship comes from individuals and little companies and I'm keeping careful to keep my sponsor deals be with companies whose stuff I really use and trust. Sponsorship is definitely a two way street and I want to feel I'm doing right by the companies. I've got a few Dirt Rag and Sammamish Valley Cycle stickers on my bike now and I'll probably wind up with more. But I think I'll add one that asks "Have I Sold Out?" just to keep me asking the right questions.

You can see my sponsor page at:


Kent Peterson
Issaquah WA USA