Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reestablishing my rythum

Well I feel as though in this transtion from one exitence to another is mind bending, and takes up all of my energy and time, and therefore I havent been emailing, blogging, calling, or in other ways communitcating with the outside world. I am trying to find balance and a schedule and things as simple as where the sugar is kept. Moving is one of those experiences that I am not a fan of, dont get me wrong now that I am here I am loving the change, I feel like I have more of a communtiy already. Again I am a creature of habit and repetition which I think most humans are, we are drawn to the familar, the comfortable, to feeling connected and grounded. Not to say that we dont like difference, but like the saying from the old show Cheers, and I am paraphrasing the intro. "you want to go where everybody knows your name." Aint it the truth. So in this move i missed Interbike, I have been trying to ride my mountain bike, but I have to say I havent ridden that much. Today I was supposed to ride with Sloane, sounded epic, but I started a new, old job and was there until 2:30 in the am. With two hours of driving to the trailhead and I wouldnt have gotten any sleep and I have been on a 9 day work stretch so there you have it. I have done so much and not sat down to take it all in. Like I said I am back at a new old job, 7 years ago I lived in Seattle, worked at a great Brewery called the Big Time Brewery, in the U district, well I am back there. Going back to a place where you used to work is truely like riding a bike, it all comes back quickly. I quit the STeakhouse, too much bullshit, and went to work in a much more laidback social environment, I actually enjoy going to work. So the commute is about the same, and I ride it every shift. A bunch of us that work there ride bikes and there is another fixie rider. Good times. I still have to hook up with the larger fixie population up here. There was a race on Vashon Island yesterday with camping and 15 miles of fixie racing, sorry I missed it. I plan to get out there and ride as soon as I can sure down what my schedule is going to be. Like I said in the begining this up heavel of roots is really drain, but exciting, it is very yin yang as I think life is prone to being, beautiful yet ugly, you get the idea.

Check out a exerp of Kents book in the current issue of Dirt RAG, Kent sorry for dropping out of existence here for awhile, I will get it all together and we will go do some riding. Hope Port Townsend is good today.

Check out Gonterians FIX radio, bunch of new shows to listen to. Gonter is there a way to download your shows yet? Sounds like the hike was great. Gonter anyway for me to link your shows to my site. Just a thought I had right now. Did you get the socks? What do ya think? Hinesburg should be great. The housing there is crazy, much like other college towns. Hinesburg means more driving, huh?

Boris, I will call you soon my friend. Lets talk next years E100.

back to the world, I have been lost in a whirlwind, my own hurricane of sorts, pardon the pun, well I will get back to creating and more of a set schedule where things actually get accomplished. Keep pedaling. What is the report from the meeting of the endurance minds at interbike. what is in store for next year? Jeff let me know, that is if you can, or is it a secret?
Thanks for reading my mind dump. More dumps later. I will try to post every or every other day from here on out. Keep pedaling.


Anonymous said...

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Gonterian said...

I can give you a download link for each show. Trying to stay a bit below the RIAA radar. If you just let me know which shows you want, I'll send you back the links.

Apple increased my .mac storage to 1Gig and I put up all the shows I've done, about 20. Send me an email at the usual address.

I just finished a demo tape for a "real FM" dj gig at WRUV . They are both a licensed low-power FM station and they stream the shows live and you can download any show from the last week. Check it out. If my demo is approved you'll be able to hear AND download my real shows starting the end of month.